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Lucky is the name of the actress Michelle Williams`s dog

Dog Lucky – since 2011

Every person needs a friend, but friends can be different. For some women these are diamonds, for the others, like Michelle Williams and her daughter, these are pets.

In 2011 the family became happy owners of a cute puppy. From the very beginning, Michelle confessed that she and her, at that time 6 year-old daughter, Matilda fell totally in love with the four-legged creature.

Dog Lucky

Dog Lucky

The child was preoccupied with the puppy all the time.

Michelle said that was Matilda who found the name for that little brown creature like spaniel. The girl struggled for that name and argued with any other moniker her mother suggested.

Dog Lucky

Dog Lucky

One time the girl wanted to adopt a name like a “Crystal” or “Diamond” or something like that. Michelle was going to control the process, but when the girl settled on Lucky, she was lucky mom too.

There is no doubt that the girls became real inseparable friends from the very beginning. The Internet is full of the pictures of the happy cheerful family walking together in Brooklyn.

Matilda has grown up a little bit, so now not only a celeb mom takes care of the dog, but also a daughter. Matilda adores her already adult dog and can’t imagine her life without him.

Lucky is happy as well. The dog is an integral part of the team, of the family. He got used to the girls’ company, so the three enjoy walking together moaning around the city.

This story is an illustration of the common truth: if you take care of the pet, if you give your love to him – he will pay you the same currency and will love you even twice stronger than you do.

So, dear readers don’t be indifferent to the animals. They love you and they can become your best and the most faithful friends.

Dog Lucky

Dog Lucky

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