Date of birth: October 27, 1987 (Age 29)

Born Place: Plainsboro, New Jersey

Height: 7’0’’ (213 cm)

Weight:  129 kg (285 pounds)

Andrew Bynum's height, weight and age

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Andrew Bynum's eyes and hair color

  The up-and-coming young basketball celebrity has been considered as one of the most efficient players having a huge potential for the future victories.

  Andrew who now is retired was selected by Los Angeles Lakers over the regular NBA draft.

   He was 17 when selected to LA Lakers, played in 18 and became the youngest basketball player who has ever played in NBA history. The young star has won championships twice and showed himself to be an excellent player. He was selected to All-Star Game and NBA team.

  Andrew attended high school in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In All-Star Game he gained 9 points and 5 rebounds. During the final grade he got 22.4 points and 16.8 rebounds.

  At first he thought about entered the university in Connecticut but later he decided to join the NBA. To match the requirements and become a player Andrew got a coach. Bynum was thin and raw at some sense so he took considerable efforts in order to fit the parameters. He practiced, he trained to prepare himself for the games. He devoted a bunch of time running and honing his skills. Andrew did weight squats, press exercises, tips to strengthen his lower body and others.

  It was said Bynum was not fully prepared to start playing professional, in meaning it would take a long time to unfold and make a progress. Nonetheless, Andrew was agile and showed impressive bouncing skills.

  Andrew was also signed with Philadelphia 76ers. However Bynum has injured his knee and before the trainings started he had to undergo a treatment. In the moment the trainings were started Philadelphia had to decide not to allow him to play for a while because of Andrew’s malaise. He didn’t play or trained till the season; moreover he had got another injure of his knee.

Andrew Bynum's height, weight and age

  Andrew hoped his knees will be healed and claimed he felt better. Nevertheless, Andrew had to undergo the arthroscopic surgery and to remain for rehabilitation for months.

  He has also played with Cavs and represents NBA team Indiana Pacers recorded good results. Unfortunately, because of his knee swelling he was announced as retiring and not allowed to play.

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