Date of birth: February, 6, 1895

Date of death: August 16, 1948 (aged 53 years)

Height: 6’2” (188 cm)

Babe Ruth's height, weight and age

Weight: 216 pounds (98 kg)

Hair color: Brown

Eyes color: Brown

Babe Ruth's eyes and hair color

How many sport legends come to your mind right at this moment?

Babe Ruth – real name George Herman Ruth – is a legendary baseball player. His fame is spread all over the world, and not just due to his baseball talent.

Ruth was a bit controversial personality.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of discipline in professional sport, but in case with Babe everything was different. If you look at his body, you will probably wonder “how, just how?”. It’s strange for us a baseball player to look like this. Sportsmen are toned and fitted, but Babe Ruth was chunky man with excess weight.

Nevertheless, his figure didn’t prevent him from impressive sport results. But why his image differed from a usual one?

The reason is surprising – hotdog diet in combination with beer. For all his life the most preferable product for the baseball legend was hotdog. It sounds wild for us, but the doctors call it a miracle. Regarding that the only fluid he used to drink was beer it becomes really unclear how this man managed to live 53 years.

Judging only by the appearance, one may think that except for games, Babe Ruth didn’t practice any sport. However, this is not true.

At the age of 30, Babe decided to correct his habits a little bit. To achieve that goal he hired a coach who made him work really hard. He didn’t lose much weight, but he learned self-discipline. For long time Babe Ruth was involved into boxing, sprints, long running sessions, intensive exercises with balls etc.

It was reported that all those sessions actually saved George’s career. At that time he was at the edge of losing everything, because of his constant drinking.

Babe Ruth's height, weight and age

Today, it’s still a mystery how being drunk during almost every game Babe Ruth achieved such a success and world recognition. Probably, baseball was in his blood.

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