Date of birth: July 12, 1977 (Age: 39 years)

Height: 6’2,5” (189 cm)

Weight: 287 pounds (130 kg)

Brock Lesnar's height, weight and body measurements

Brock Lesnar body measurements:

Chest: 55” (140 cm)

Biceps: 22” (56 cm)

Waist: 39” (99 cm)

Shoe size: 15(US)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Brock Lesnar's eyes and hair color

When one grows up on a farm, this creates a strong moral foundation. The young man quickly understands the basic principles of hard work, physical strength and mental stability. Brock Lesnar is no exception.

Growing up in a small rural community near the town of Webster, South Dakota, he learned from an early age what “work” means. Every morning, waking up before dawn, he did his household chores. It was his life and his routine. What makes Brock Lesnar an exception to his class of athletes – he created an unconventional training program to gain strength, speed and power.

The lack of a gym for miles around, prompted Brock to use land and equipment from the farm to sculpt and shape his body. It was a common thing to see him running at full speed down the road with a 90 kg tree on his shoulders.

He has incredible power.

At the dawn of his career Brock Lesnar already knew that the lifestyle of a professional wrestler would not be a long-term prospect for him, and he decided to move on.

His motto “all or nothing” was born on the basis of innate quality of hard work remaining true to his values. It was this that led Brock to the MMA stage.

Having risen to the top of the wrestling world and possessing the potential to appear as one of the favorites in the UFC heavyweight championship, Lesnar realized the importance of physical exercises, diets and supplements. Only thanks to quality products he is able to maintain his size, strength and endurance in the gym and in the cage.

To increase one’s strength, muscle mass and improve overall performance, it is important to include an expanded formula of creative in diet and take advantage of whey protein. Brock Lesnar daily consumes a large number of calories, although he, as a rule, does not strictly controls his measurements.

As a rule, he eats a lot of protein and, sometimes, enjoys the benefits of substitutes for food when he does not have enough time for a full meal. Also, after training it is worth taking 30 grams of quality protein and do not forget about right carbohydrates to replenish depleted glycogen reserves after intensive training. Besides, during the day the wrestler drinks at least 3 liters of water with electrolytes.

Brock Lesnar's height, weight and body measurements

Brock Lesnar trains twice a day, four days a week. The morning session is devoted to the development of fighting abilities, and the evening session is a run and strength training. Once a week, he also holds a training session, which is aimed not only at strengthening the muscles, but also strengthening the cardiovascular system and developing endurance.

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