Date of birth: November 02, 1913

Date of death: October 20, 1994 (aged 80 years)

Height: 6′ 1″ (185 cm)

Burt Lancaster's height, weight and age

Hair color: Blue

Eye color: Blonde

Burt Lancaster's eyes and hair color

American actor Burt Lancaster was a man who knew how to risk and loved to do it, he was never tired of looking for something new and was striving for perfection.

But in 50’s, when the first take-off of his career happened, all this was not necessary. At that time, for the cinematography it was more than enough to have just Lancaster’s stunning external data – his handsome, though rough stone-cut face, the open look of bright blue eyes, fluffy golden eyelashes, the magnificent forelock, the slightly shy smile of the provincial and the magnificent trained body of the athlete.

Lancaster could choose any profitable role: sympathetic gangster – heir to the traditions of James Cagney, a simpleton from romantic comedies in Cary Grant’s tradition, pirate and adventurer a-la Errol Flynn.

But he never stopped on the reached – and the search for something new in combination with a healthy conservatism always led him to success.

Lancaster was, perhaps, the only actor of his generation, who showed that a person can be on the screen different, while remaining surprisingly the same person. Perhaps, this was the secret of his enviable creative longevity: no matter how fast the cinema change, Bert Lancaster always managed to keep up with it.

Of course, his role was influenced by the fact that in the cinema Lancaster came as an already established personality – at the age of 33 years. Before that, a tall handsome guy with a muscular figure did not even think of a big screen. But he managed to temper the will and character and made the body an obedient tool in his hands.

In his youth, unlike his peers who were wandering aimlessly through the streets, Lancaster spent all his free time in the gym of the Union Settlement House Corporation – he dream of making a sporting career. As we know, success in cinema outweighed the sport.

Burt Lancaster's height, weight and age

His “romance with the movie” ended only in 1991, when the actor – so proud of his magnificent physical form – was broken with the paralysis.

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