The beauty of me is that I’m very rich” – Donald Trump used to tell about himself. He is one of the most contradictory celebrities, who is known by his strong will and unquenchable business energy. Now, when he is running for Presidency 2016, each his word or quote echoes in press. And journalists can rely on him – he always brings them hot facts.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump.

1. Donald Trump was born in 1946, on the 14th of June. He is a son of Fred Trump and Mary MacLeod.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump (left) in a Family Photo

2. Donald Trump is the fourth of 5 children in his family. His eldest brother died in 1981 from alcoholism.

3. Donald Trump age is 69. Donald Trump wife age is 45. His current spouse is a model from Slovenia, Melanija Knavs. She is the mother of the youngest of Donald Trump children, a son Barron Trump. Donald Trump wife – the current one – is his third wife. Donald Trump ex wife is Ivana Trump. She is a mother of Donald Trump, Jr, of Eric Trump and of a model Ivanka Trump. His second wife was Marla Maples. She gave a birth to Tiffany Ariana Trump.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump, Melanija Knavs and a son, Barron Trump

4. Donald Trump height weight is a contradictory question. His weight is 100 kg. As for his height, the media says, a businessman is 187 cm long. He himself tells, he is 191 cm. Then he adds extra 4 cm is for his personal importance.

5. Donald Trump is a successful person and his career is a sample for many people all over the world. At the same time, as any other person, he had some flops in his career too. Thus, in 2006 he started his own trademark of Vodka, which was called Trump Vodka and was advertised with the slogan “Success’s Distilled”. Later the businessman planned to start production of Trump Tonic and Trump Martini. But alcoholic beverages from Trump were not successful. Nobody wanted to drink Trump Vodka and that’s why the project became a flop.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump. Trump Vodka

6. Probably, Trump Vodka was not successful, because its owner does not know a lot about alcoholic drinks. In spite of the fact that Donald Trump lifestyle is scandalous, he never lets even a drop of alcohol to pass through his lips. He doesn’t drink alcohol beverages at all!

7. The richest candidate for Presidency 2016 is the sample of success and persistence. At the same time he is the most known bankrupt in the world. At first he passed through financial crisis in 1990, when his companies owed more than $4 billion to banks. Donald Trump had never signed for personal bankruptcy. But his personal debt was close to $1 billion.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump in 1990

In 2006 his company Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc in New Jersey became bankrupt for the third time. “I hate B words,” Donald Trump told at the press conference.

8. For the first time business mogul became a bankrupt in 1990. But several years later he earned his billions again. In 1997 Donald Trump paid all his debts and became the ruler of the business Empire again. Thus he even became more famous, serving as a sample for numerous people all over the world, who live from hand to mouth.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump.

9. It is interesting to know, that extremely rich Donald Trump is a thrifty person in his private life. He always turns off the water, when he cleans his teeth and turns off the lights, when he goes out of the room.

10. Aggressive Donald Trump has very interesting eating habits. He likes hamburgers, never eats dough part of his pizza and likes cherry vanilla ice cream.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump in New Hampshire Diner.

11. He is the owner of Trump Palace in New York. This building occupies the 70-s place in the list of 100 tallest buildings in USA. The skyscraper has 190 m of height. It can boast with 55 floors. Donald Trump is the most luxurious venue in the Upper East Side. It has more than 250 apartments. The residents of Trump Palace can enjoy the fitness room, SPA room and health care club.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump. Trump Palace in New York

12. For now he is one of the most popular candidates for Presidency in 2016. They say he is at least 20% forward than other candidates of the run.

13. From month to month Donald Trump gets more popular. In February, 2016 he got 67, 000 new followers on Twitter.

14. Continuing the topic of Twitter, celebrity is very active in his virtual social life. He posts about 12 tweets daily. It is rumored that the celebrity has social press team. They are responsible for new tweets of Donald Trump in Twitter.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump. Twitter

15. Now Donald Trump is running for Presidency, but much earlier he became a Hollywood star. He owns the show “The Apprentice”, the main prize of which is the job at Donald Trump’s Empire. For the role in this show the business mogul got a Star at Hollywood walk of fame.

Donald Trump. Top 20 Celebrity Facts

Donald Trump Show ‘The Apprentice’

Donald Trump is a successful person with ill temper. He is widely known by his aggressive quotes about other people, mostly celebrities. At the same time he knows everything about money making. The candidate has many plans for his presidency. As the best builder in the world, he is going to big a big wall at the southern boundary of USA. Thus he plans to save America from Mexican immigrates. Probably, his career will reach the new level in 2016 and he will realize his plans.

Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech

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