Date of birth: August 8, 1937 (Age: 79 years)

Height: 5’ 6” (167 cm)

Weight: 178 pounds (81 kg)

Dustin Hoffman's height, weight and age

Shoe size: 8 (US)/ 41 (EU)

Hair color: Salt and pepper

Eye color: Dark brown

Dustin Hoffman's eyes and hair color

Time spares no people. Still no one managed to maintain an excellent appearance until old age. But the authority and love of the spectators accompany the hero of our  today’s article for many years.

In the world of cinema there are its own rules and if you want to be in demand you have to improve your acting skills and get new awards for your roles, you need to take risks. In our review – the stars who risked his health, gaining weight for the sake of the role or, conversely, losing weight – Dustin Hoffman.

Playing a student-historian and runner in the film Marathon, Dustin Hoffman had not only to starve. At that time, the actor was rather slim and toned, but he had to lose 7 kilograms for shooting.

For this reason, every day in the course of preparation the actor used to run for 6 kilometers. He never portrayed, and as much as possible tried to create for himself such conditions that the spectators believed him.

For example, if he needed to show his downed breath after running, he ran several hundred meters and only after that he went to the set. And if his hero was to appear on the screen without sleeping for two days, Dustin himself did not sleep, and on the screen he appeared exhausted and sleepy.

In Hollywood, Hoffman gained the glory of a chameleon – an actor reincarnating in almost anyone. Hoffman has an irrepressible passion for studying the proposed character, fully getting into the image, demonstrating a passion for analysis and a mentor’s desire to share his knowledge with others. For each scenario, he writes his notes on how to interpret his role, and often they exceed the scenario by volume.

It’s so great when the actor can feel his role, but not only play it.

Dustin Hoffman's height, weight and age

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