Weight: 74 kgIan Harding

Height: 180 cm

Age: 29

He is a tall handsome brunette with big blue eyes and wavy hair. Most fans know him as Pretty Little Liars Ian Harding. Of course, the role of Ezra Fitz is one of the most prominent in his movie list, but it is not the only one Ian should be praised for.

Ian Harding  Biography

Ian Harding age is 29 years old. He is 180 cm tall and his body is slim enough. Girls like watching him on the screen; they admire his full lips and wide open smile. Ian Harding got that something that attracts people all over the world – special charm or charisma. But in his childhood Ian was just a small boy, who had to live with a sick parent. His mother’s illness was that thing that made the boy adult from the earliest years.

Ian Harding

Ian Harding birthday is on September, 16. He was born in 1986 in Heidelberg (Germany). Several years later his family moved to Virginia (USA) where the boy had spent his school years.

He is the son of Stephen Harding, the journalist, and Mary Harding, the cardio nurse. When the boy was just 8, his mother was diagnosed with lupus. It is a terrible disease and people do not live for long with it. Mary got frustrated, when she heard about her illness. At the same time she made up her mind to do everything to bring up her children – a daughter Sarah and a son Ian.

Ian Harding Ian Harding

Ian Harding remembered that his mother tried to be strong. He had never felt that he was brought up by a sick parent. But now the actor spends a lot of money for charity. He supports other people, who were diagnosed with lupus.

The boy got interested in acting from his school years. He took part in various school performances and soon he made up his mind to become a professional actor. His mother insisted for Ian to enter some college in order to become a trained actor. Thus the fellow attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he got Bachelor Degree of Arts. He graduated in 2009 and six months later got the role of Ezra Fitz in PLL.

Ian Harding

Ian Harding Movies

Ian Harding made his debut in 2008. He got the minor role in the TV series “Adventureland”. Ian Harding Adventureland was not extremely successful, but it was good enough to get some initial experience. Then he acted as Curtis Lacross in popular TV series “NCIS: Los Angeles”. In 2010 the fellow got his breaking role. He was chosen to take part in TV series, that later became internationally popular. “Pretty Little Liars” were shot during 6 seasons and next season is released in 2016.

The popularity of PLL impressed the producers of the show and its actors. “Pretty Little Liars” are based on the book of Sara Shepard.
Ian Harding

Ian Harding’s hero is a teacher, who fell in love with one of the main heroines, Aria Montgomery. He tries to solve the secret of the girls and writes a book about it.

Now the actor is still busy with his work in TV series, but he also takes part in other projects. He acted in the movie of Edward Zwick “Love & Other Drugs” with great Jake Gyllenhaal and the best of the best Anne Hathaway. Then he got the small role in a short film “Christmas Without You” and “Business Card on the Rocks”.

The latest screen work of Ian Harding is the role in a short movie “Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale”.

Ian Harding

Ian Harding in Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale

Really, the movie list of 29 year old actor is not long, but the role of Ezra Fitz is enough for the girls all over the world to admire the actor from morning till night and wonder, who Ian Harding girlfriend is.

Ian Harding  Personal Life

Ian Harding was rumored to date Aria actress, Lucy Hale. But he told in his interviews, that in spite of the fact he is very close to Lucy and confides her with his secrets, he is dating another woman. Ian Harding and girlfriend were dating during 4 years and that’s why the actor and Lucy are just friends.

The name of Ian’s girlfriend is Sophie Hart. She is fond of fashion and fine art. Sophia shares her photos with Ian in the social network.

Ian Harding

Ian Harding and Sophie Hart

Ian Harding

Although Ian is in relationship for over four years, he tells that his relationship status is called “living life”. The actor is fond of his hero, Ezra, he feels close to him, but he doesn’t like the idea to have a teenage girlfriend.

The actor is fond of animals and he has two dogs at home. Ian Harding liked English and History at school. But if he hadn’t become an actor, he would become a psychologist. He was taught at Private Boy School, where his aunt served as a teacher. In his young years Ian Harding went in for sports and took part in school sports team. That’s why his body is so hot now!

The actor tells, his work in TV series “Pretty Little Liars” keeps him busy all the time and he has not much time for other projects. He concentrated on low-budget movies, but he hopes, when PLL is over, he will have enough job to do.

For his role in PLL Ian Harding got numerous teen choice awards. The actor is the favorite one for boys and girls all over the world.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Ian Harding Interview

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