592dd847Iggy Azalea is a popular Australian hip-hop singer, who achieved success as a singer and as a young lady who at the age of 24 has undergone several plastic surgeries.

Maybe it was Hollywood’s influence or just one of the ways to become more popular? No one can answer this question but the result is evident, her body changed greatly.

Iggy’s life is considered to be quite successful. A future singer spent her childhood in Australia and the most distinctive feature of a girl was self confidence.

At the age of 14 she had girls band, where she sang together with two her friends. At the age of sixteen she lied to her parents as she would go to the USA in order to visit her friend and didn’t come back.

She decided to find success in a foreign country and as later she confessed in her interviews, she felt unfortunate in her native country. Iggy Azalea was in love with hip hop and USA is the native land of this music direction.Iggy Azalea plastic surgery

In 2011 a young girl burst into the world of show business. Iggy Azalea has a beautiful voice, wrote the texts to her songs. Besides she could boast by her attractive appearance and a wide range of photographers wanted Iggy Azalea to work as a model with them.

Iggy Azalea frequently appears on the covers of popular fashion magazines and a young lady doesn’t try to conceal her plastic surgery.

She said that she asked for the help of plastic surgeons in order to correct body proportions. She had too small boobs, slender waistline and considerably larger butt. Such a figure style is quite popular in Hollywood and a great number of celebrities want to enlarge their butt, sometimes even too much. Though this figure is on the pinnacle of popularity it is quite difficult to find the appropriate clothes on it. That’s why more often the celebrities command the services of fashion designers.

Iggy Azalea Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea plastic surgery

During all her life Iggy Azalea wanted to have much bigger boobs, because wearing low neck dresses she was made to put on uplifts with push up. Last year Iggy Azalea made breast enlarging surgery and doesn’t even tried to conceal something. She is proud of her new and bigger boobs and one must confess that with bigger breast she looks more womanly.

But breast augmentation is not the only plastic surgery which was made by Iggy Azalea. In order to keep the trend of Hollywood celebrities she decided to enlarge he butt. If to compare Iggy Azalea’s photos before and after plastic surgery one must confess that her figure changed greatly. Her waistline became more defined and her butt became much bigger. Having made this plastic surgery a singer became the owner of so popular figure in Hollywood.Iggy Azalea plastic surgery

Nevertheless it is not a full list of celebrity’s plastic surgeries. Recently she shared photos in instagramm and everyone noticed that her chin and lips also changed. There was an opinion that such changes are the result of lip or cheek fillers. Iggy Azalea also didn’t like her nose and always wanted to correct it. So rhinoplasty was made at the same time with lip augmentation.

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