Date of birth: July 29, 1973 (Age: 43 years)

Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)

Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

Kate Beckinsale`s height, weight and age

Kate Beckinsale body measurements:

Chest: 34″ (87 cm)

Waist: 23″ (58,5 cm)

Hips: 34″ (87 cm)

Bra size: 32B

Shoe size: 10 (US)/ 39-40 (EU)

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Hazel

Kate Beckinsale`s eyes and hair color

She is called the most beautiful woman in Britain and a British rose. The star of the romantic comedy Absolutely Anything Kate Beckinsale can’t but cause admiration. Bright, charismatic and extremely natural, the actress seems to know any special beauty secrets and successfully applies them in practice.

Hollywood stars often share their secrets about how they manage to keep fit and look beautiful regardless of age. 43-year-old actress Kate Beckinsale has decided to keep up with colleagues and told the truth about how she is fighting for the ideal forms.

Kate Beckinsale  will soon turn 44, but judging by her figure one can’t say this. Finally, one of the sexiest women in Hollywood opened the curtain on some of the principles of her fitness program.

Kate Beckinsale doesn’t favor any one type of fitness exercise. In addition to practicing yoga with a personal trainer for a long time (several times a week), she also finds time for cardio and circuit training for all muscle groups.

Still, the Pearl Harbor star is not over the top with physical training.

Training for the actress is not part of her life. She trains if necessary. If for the role she needs to build muscle or lose weight, she’ll do it. Kate will train as much as is needed.

Usually, she runs for half an hour a day, but not on the street (she doesn’t like to be engaged in sports in front of strangers) – in her garage. To this end, the actress installed there a treadmill.

Another beauty-rule that Kate made up is a healthy diet. The daily diet of the star include eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, chicken or vegetarian rolls for lunch and fish or vegetables for dinner. But the actress has a small weakness: she never indulges in cake or a small piece of cake. And she’s doing the right thing, in our opinion: a little sweet at times makes us happier.

Despite the fact that Kate Beckinsale is not sitting on a diet, she has a few food taboos – she practically does not eat sugar, sweets and flour products. In all the other, singer is just trying to find a middle ground. She always has tight breakfast, in her diet there is plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and, of course, pure water.

There is always some cheese, oatmeal and seafood, beans, vegetables, and fresh juices in her daily diet. Kate tries to eat fractionaly and gradually in palm-sized portion.

Kate Beckinsale`s height, weight and age

Kate Beckinsale enjoys having workout three times a week. She loves Pilates, but also regularly practices a set of strength training and cardio.

Kate Beckinsale very carefully takes care for the skin and body. Accordind to the actress, beauty is easy to lose, if you do not take care of yourself. Therefore, once a week, Kate visits a personal beautician. Besides, she always cleans the face of make-up and cares for the skin moisture.

Kate also loves to do facials. For example, if she has long been under a layer of makeup, she always in the evening makes a cleansing mask. When she feels fatigue – nutritional one and after a long trip – soothing.

As for the body, her favorite massage is a common procedure. Also, the actress is trying to take a contrast shower daily, which not only helps her to wake up and cheer, but also makes the skin more elastic.

Kate Beckinsale`s height, weight and age

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