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Hollywood star

Kim BKim-Basinger1asinger became a Hollywood star and got her prominence in 1980s. She looked perfectly and was considered one of the most beautiful actresses.

Nowadays she is after 60, but she hasn’t lost her attraction. So there are rumors that this is the result of numerous plastic operations. She has never confirmed or denied this information, that is why so many speculations on this topic take place.
According to her daughters tweeter Kim’s beauty is natural and she has never had any skin treatments. Her appearance is in a very good condition due to the skin care, some workouts and advice on eating healthy food. Also she stays out of sun and has a healthy lifestyle to take care of her organism.

Botox injections

But some plastic surgery professionals contradict these words and state that some operations did occur. Dr. Paul Nassif, a star plastic specialist, mentioned about at least two separate methodologies. The first one is botox injections which are commonly regarded as a plastic surgery strategy. It can make the lines smooth and tighten the skin, and, probably, some mature changes on her face and neck underwent the botox therapy to hide the impact of time.

Kim Basinger before after




Kim Basinger’s Facelift

Kim-Basinger1Another thing to have been used by Kim is a cosmetic touch up. The doctor expressed the idea that jaw line is excessively young for a lady of Kim’s age and all this is thanks to the facelift. It was probably combined with some collagen and special care creams that contained high protein level to keep the skin beautiful and young. These characteristics just prove that some methodology has been surely performed and her face expression and skin condition shows it.

It is obvious that until she opens her secret, nobody can state this to be truth, as these are only points of view of the specialists. Likewise everyone can conclude that the result of these techniques looks great. The specialists seem to have made an incredible thing and have not messed up any piece of the procedure. Kim Basinger doesn’t look the same if to look at her eyes several years ago, but she is still the icon of beauty and much due to her plastic operations.


Kim Basinger (Academy Awards 1990)

How Kim Basinger Keeps Looking Incredible at 60

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