Kristen Stewart Parents:

Jon Stewart (father), Jules Mann-Stewart (mother)

Kristen Stewart Parents

Jon Stewart (father), Jules Mann-Stewart (mother)

Kristen Stewart Siblings:

Cameron Stewart (biological brother), Taylor Stewart (brother, adopted by her parents), Dana Stewart (brother, adopted by her parents)

Kristen Stewart Siblings

Cameron Stewart (biological brother), Taylor Stewart (brother, adopted by her parents), Dana Stewart (brother, adopted by her parents)

Kristen Stewart Marital Status:


Kristen Stewart Children:


Kristen Stewart likes to tell about her family, because “there’s always been a whole lotta love”, as she used to say.

Kristen Stewart is the second child of John Stewart and Jules Mann-Stewart. Both of her parents were connected with cinema production industry, that’s why it was not hard for a girl to get her first role at the age of 9. Kristen’s father earned his living as a stage manager and occasional producer and her mom is a famous script writer and film director. Kirsten grew up with an older brother, Cameron, who is a stage technician now. Cameron is Kirsten’s biological father and brothers Taylor and Dana were adopted by her parents.

Kirsten Stewart never gets tired to explain that she used to be a tomboy at school as she grew up among boys. The star also adds that she was involved in numerous love affairs and had many boyfriends, because she got used to be surrounded by loving boys.

Kirsten Stewart is now single. She is not married officially and has no children. Of course, Kirsten is too young to become a mother, so she can just relax and enjoy her life.

The star used to date many rich and famous men. It is interesting to know, that Kirsten is bisexual and she dated some women too.

Kristen Stewart Family

Kristen Stewart with Mother and Brother

The most important relationship in her life lasted for four years. Kirsten used to date her Twilight co-star Robert Pattison. They fell in love with each other in 2009, while filming “Twilight”. The couple started dating in June, 2009 and they tried to keep their affair in secret, but couldn’t. Very soon the fans new about the love between their two favorite actors and hoped that one day the couple would announce about their engagement. Unfortunately, Rob and Kris broke up in 2013 after 4 years of love and passion. The reason of their split was Kirsten’s affair with a film director Rupert Sanders.

Rob was shocked, when he knew about Kirsten’s cheating and Stewart apologized in public numerous times in front of her sweetheart Rob and millions of fans, who liked their couple. Now Rob and Kris are friends, but they didn’t manage to keep their love.

Kirsten used to date the girls Soko and Alicia Gargile, but now the star is single and is concentrated on her career.

Kristen Stewart family

Kristen Stewart with Father

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