Lacey’s Schwimmer plastic surgery is one more topic for discussion in Hollywood. This woman got a boob job because she didn’t like her breast size. Frankly speaking her natural breast was too small for her body.

Lacey’s Schwimmer photo Before & After

Before speaking about Lacey’s plastic surgery it is necessary to say that she is a dancer. She is a participant of the show “Dancing with the stars”. She is the winner of the majority of competitions in touch dancing. Lacey is known to the audience as one of four finalists of the American reality show “So you think you can dance”. As the professional dancer the woman took part in the 7th season of the reality show Dancing with the Stars. Lacey paired with Lance Bass. In the following seasons she was paired with Jackass, Mark Dacascos, Kyle Massey and Mike Catherwood. Lacey is dancing since her childhood. Her father was a dancer too, so the talent for dancing a young lady inherited from her dad. During the dancing career the woman had various partners.

Lacey Schwimmer changed greatly during the years of being in Los Angeles. If to have a look at her photos everyone starts thinking that she tries to transform herself into a Barbie doll. From a raven-head she turned into blonde woman. Surgical procedures also must be mentioned. It is clamed that this young dancer made a nose job, lip enhancement and breast-enlarging surgery. The last operation is quite noticeable because her breast enhanced from B size to D. If to look at her bikini photos it’s easily noticed that her boobs were enlarged with the help of breast implants. So, at the age of 23 Lacey was on the edge of doing serious changes and went under knife. Nevertheless, some of her admirers consider her present breast size to be oversized. Despite of the fact that she is a dancer and spends a lot of time by training, she cannot boast by model figure. Her figure is deemed to be as more athletic. So, breast-enlarging surgery made her figure sexier. Lacey said that breast implants gave her more confidence.

Lacey Schwimmer is also one of such celebrities who did rhinoplasty. If to look at her photos before and after surgical intervention, one can easily notice that her nose became smaller. Earlier it was much bigger. It is necessary to say that such changes also have a good influence on her appearance.

In order to improve her facial features Lacey asked the help of plastic specialists again. This time she couldn’t refuse from Botox injections and lip fillers. Another point to be made here is that Lacey is a pretty woman naturally and what for she has undergone through such a quantity of plastic surgery, no one knows. But still the woman is proud of her look. She comments that in such a way she looks more confident and happy.

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