Date of birth: June 14, 1989 (Age: 27 years)

Height: 5′ 2″ (157 cm)

Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

Lucy Hale`s height, weight and age

Lucy Hale body measurements:

Chest: 34″ (86 cm)

Waist: 24″ (61 cm)

Hips: 33″ (84 cm)

Bra size: 32B

Shoe size: 6 (US)/36,5 (EU)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Green

Lucy Hale`s eyes and hair color

Many people are wondering how to lose weight quickly and effectively, how can they get rid of hated kilograms?

For example, celeb actors, singers and a well-known national and foreign personalities of show business often prove that the fight against excess weight may be an effective and fast at the same time.

Despite the fact that recently Lucy Hale was a girl, as they say “in her body”, the actress admitted that as a teenager she suffered from anorexia. Perhaps, it is this fact that has led the star to overweight.

In 2012, the country music singer revealed her secrets.

She said that she suffered from complexes and always tried to fight obesity. Some actress’s days were full fasting or with at least one fruit and berries. After such a long and difficult period, the girl pulled herself together and completely changed her life and her weight.

Lucy Hale claims that she lost weight without dieting! Do you believe it?

The star of the series Pretty Little Liars said that for long time she experienced pressure (about excess weight) from the world of fashion, entertainment and cinema.

Now, the girl chooses 2-3 days a week that she fully dedicates in the gym to sport, physical education and stress resistance. She says that the training is impossible without music, so Lucy Hale does not work out in silence, always finds interesting,  favorite or new tracks that can make her move actively.

In order to torment and effort bring the desired result, one need to choose permanent time and rhythm of training. So, for example, Lucy chooses 2-3 days a week, always trying to keep the same rhythm, taking the possible load. She doesn’t overload her body trying to accelerate the process – it causes more harm that progress. So, it is necessary to achieve the result that the least favorite sport and agonizing training become, finally, planned and habitual activity.

Lucy lost weight without dieting, but, nevertheless, she still slightly restricts herself. She believes that by doing this she can greatly stimulate weight reset process.

Lucy Hale`s height, weight and age

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