Weight: 163 cm

Height: 52 kg

Date of birth: May 16, 1986 (Age: 32)

You should be able to protect your own opinion about yourself. These words Megan Fox used to tell in one of her interviews. The words are simple, but they are deep and were told heartedly.

Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in the world nowadays, but there are too many people, who try to argue with this.

They tell, that Megan Fox is the product of plastic surgery, that she is tattooed and that she has no dramatic talent, being just a body fetish. Is Megan able to protect her own opinion about herself?

Megan Fox  Biography

Superwoman, super beautiful, super sexual… Megan Fox is not just a pretty woman. She is a kind of sexual drug that attracts men all over the world.

It seems that such a beautiful lady with magic eyes and long soft hair shouldn’t protect herself. She must be protected by powerful gentlemen around her. But in fact she was lonely from the very childhood and had to protect herself from the earliest years.

Megan Fox was born in 1986, on the 16th of May. At first she lived in Tennessee with her mother, Gloria Darlene, and father, Franklin Fox, an officer. Soon the parents of Megan got divorced and her mother moved to Florida.

She got married for the second time and cared about her husband too much, that’s why Megan felt alone. From the very childhood she suffered from panic attacks. She was not popular at school. Her mates teased her and threw stale vegetables during the lunch in the school canteen. Soon panic attacks turned into flashes of uncontrolled aggression. Thus Megan learnt to protect herself.

When the girl was 15, she was excluded from school. The girl looked very sexual and attractive. She made up her mind to sell her beauty in Hollywood. Megan struggled for independence from her parents. She dreamed to earn her living herself.

Megan Fox Interviewed by Scott Feinberg

The fresh beauty of a young girl was noticed by film directors. They offered her simple roles in unsuccessful movies, exploiting her sexual energy. In 2006 Michael Bay offered her leading part in his movie “Transformers”.

The Most Famous Films

Megan Fox was prepared to become a star from the earliest years. She was visiting dancing school and drama club for children that was situated not far from her house. When she was 16, she appeared in Los Angeles and started to work as a model. Later she played several supporting roles in movies like “Holiday in the Sun”, “What I Like about You”, “Two and a Half Men”. We could admire her in the TV series “Hope and Faith” and “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”, where she acted together with Lindsay Lohan.

Michael Bay noticed Megan Fox hot body and invited her to play supporting role in his film “Bad Boys II”. When he started his another project – “Transformers” – he asked the young sexy to come for casting.

When Megan came, he told her to … wash his “Ferrari”. Megan got furious, but did it perfectly and got the role. Later she called Michael Bay “despot” in her interview.

Transformers Megan Fox became extremely popular. The film was released in 2007 and got $3 million of cash at the box office. Megan Fox became the sexual cult. Men all over the world bought issues with hot body of Megan Fox like crazy ones. They couldn’t spend a day without her big blue eyes and soft lips. Megan Fox film was watched million times by the strong part of humanity, who crashed on her.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

It was the first success of young Megan Fox. Then she took part in the second part of transformers, called “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. The other her roles were in the movies “Jennifer’s Body” and “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”. One of her latest movies is “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Megan Fox becomes more and more popular. She is the most desired woman in the world. But she is not happy in her personal life.
Megan Fox

Personal Life

Megan Fox is so beautiful that it seems, she must change her lovers all the time. But in fact Megan is quite aggressive, she uses strong language from time to time, so men admire her at a distance but are afraid to come closer. She had just a few love affairs till she met Brian Austin Green.

The couple quarreled a lot and even split in 2009. But then they started to date again and even got married in 2010. Megan and Brian had two sons. They seemed ideal Hollywood couple, that’s why the news about their divorce shook the world. As it usually happens, they began to sort things out in public.

They say, Brian Green plans to demand alimony from his wife because of his health. In December, 2014 Brian Green got in a car accident. Now he suffers from constant headache and dizziness. Unfortunately even the best couples get split from time to time.Megan’s Regime

Megan Fox age is 29. She is the mother of two boys, but her shape is ideal. What is the secret? Megan Fox is not crazy from her workouts and diets, but she is a responsible woman, who knows, that it is necessary to care about herself. Megan Fox keeps to so called Paleolithic diet, when it is allowed to eat just meat and vegetables. She has a personal coach, who creates personal training programs for her. Megan does a lot of cardio, sometimes resorting to strength training.

Megan Fox

If you like to cook favorite cocktail from Megan Fox, take a spoon of protein powder, a glass of soy milk and a handful of your favorite berries. Shake it for a minute and enjoy Fox’s cocktail!

Megan Fox on Her Sons

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