Date of birth: June 04, 1986 (Age: 30 years)

Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)

Weight: 126 pounds (57 kg)

Oona Chaplin height, weight and body measurements

Oona Chaplin body measurements:

Chest: 36″ (91,5 cm)

Waist: 26″ (66 cm)

Hips: 35″ (89 cm)

Bra size: 34B

Shoe size: 9 (US)/39 (EU)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Oona Chaplin's eyes and hair color

Oona Chaplin played a spectacular healer and the Queen of the North in the series Game of Thrones.

Even beyond the screen, the actress is a representative of the aristocracy – but only of Hollywood’s one: Oona is Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Eugene O’Neill who certainly inherited their fascination.

But, despite the fact that now she is a graceful woman with a beautiful figure and many women all over the world envy her, the actress admits that it was not always so.

When Oona was a little girl she wanted to study ballet professionally, but she had to choose another profession when the girl was told that her buttocks were too large as for a ballet dancer. The future star was really shocked, because she has always considered herself as quite elegant and slim.

Many people who are fond of ballet and dance admire exquisite and fragile figures of ballerinas. Most of them are confident that the dancers do not eat, because they are the owners of the ideal body. In fact, women who have devoted their lives to dancing in ballet strictly control their diet and severely limit their nutrition.

Ballet is first of all physical art. Who would not say, but no dramatic talent can substitute a pair of beautiful legs and long light arms.

Here is a portrait of the ideal ballerina: tall, incredibly thin, long-legged, long-armed, long-necked, having wide steps and the one who is capable to throw her leg for 180 degrees without any tension, the one with high-rise and soft underfoot turnout.

Actually, looking at Oona Chaplin there is no doubt that she could be great ballet dancer – she is a very model in this art.

Oona Chaplin's height, weight and body measurements

Weight of adult ballerina, despite her growth, should not exceed 50 kg. During training, the rules are even more stringent – ideal weight is calculated using the formula “122 minus growth”. Anyone who goes beyond that is excluded.

The dancers, like all normal women, like fatty and sweet food, and while there is too much load and activity all these calories are burnt.

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