Date of Birth: 20 November, 1970

Date of Death: 22 March, 2016 (Aged: 45)

Height: 160 cm (5 ft 2)

Weight: Unknown, but approximately 60 kg (132 pounds)

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Phife Dawg Height

Phife Dawg

Phife Dawg, originally Malik Izaak Taylor, was a famous American rapper. He was known by his small height (just 160 cm). The rapper called himself “5 foot assassin”. Although Phife’s weight was not known exactly, he was quite thin and had to keep to a strict diet as he had Diabetes Type II, which actually caused his death in March, 2016. Phife Dawg is survived by his wife, daughter and mother.

Phife Dawg Weight

Phife Dawg

Phife Dawg became popular as a member of A tribe Called Quest (later the name was shortened to Quest), which he formed together with his classmates and later two other members joined the group. The band was formed in 1985 and got its initial popularity due to great performance and sharp social texts. In 1989 the band signed an important deal with Geffen Records, which put their popularity on the new level. The musicians released their first album “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm”, which gave them some extra kudos.

Then Quest released some other albums and split in 1998 because of conflicts between group members. The conflict between Phife Dawg and his colleague and former classmate Q-Tip was shown in details in the film “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest”.

Phife Dawg continued his career as a solo singer and released his own album “Ventilation: Da LP” in 2000. He announced recording his second solo album, which was not released, probably, because of poor health of the performer.

Phife Dawg had serious health problems – mostly complications, caused by diabetes. His wife, Deisha, tried her best to help her husband. She donated him her kidney in 2008 in order to support her loved one. But the transplantation was not successful.

Phife Dawg passed away at the age of 45. His daughter, Jessica Marcia, suffered from her father’s death and devoted a sweet post at FaceBook to him. The girl reminded all the other people with diabetes about the necessity to keep to a diet. She mentioned that her father was a fan of Pepsi and he could drink 2 liters of it daily. It was very tasty, but ruined her father’s health. Phife Dawg lost his eyesight, ability to walk and then his kidneys.

Phife Dawg Height, Weight, Age

Phife Dawg

The rapper’s mother devoted a post to her late son too. It turned out, that Phife had a twin brother, who also died from unknown reason. It was his mother’s wisdom and her warm advice, which served as the base for Phife Dawg’s texts to his songs.

The rapper passed away, but his music is alive in his fan’s hearts.

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