Date of birth: December 18, 1964 (Age: 52 years)

Height: 6’ 2” (188 cm)

Weight: 252 pounds (114 kg)

Steve Austin’s height, weight and age

Shoe size: 11(US)/44(EU)

Hair color: Bald

Eye color: Grey

Steve Austin’s eyes and hair color

Who really is Steve Austin? Former champion wrestler? Showman? Producer? A successful Hollywood actor? Or a brawling brawler who can not live a day without a liter of beer?

Here is the correct answer: Steve Austin is a person who year after year sits on a ketogenic diet.

If the name of the diet does not say anything to you, then read our scientific link. Ketones are an alternative “fuel” for the brain and muscles and are much more powerful than glucose. To your body began to synthesize ketones, you need, practically, to zero the intake of carbohydrates. Only protein is allowed, but a little fat. In other words, Steve Austin voluntarily put himself on a needle of natural doping. Since he has a lot of vital energy, he manages to do much more than mere mortals: to film and to sit in prison.

Any dope is cruel and requires a fee. Exactly 5 days a week Steve Austin eats only chicken breasts. (Every two hours) Then, at the weekend he eats away, but in moderation. Otherwise, lethal poisoning is possible. According to the opinion of psychologists, the rejection of carbohydrates radically changes the work of the psyche.

In addition, you leave fears, which are often an empty fantasy. By 2007, the popularity of the wrestler Steve Austin reached his peak.As explained by Austin, in his 46 years he finally gave himself an allowance to add a little carbohydrate to the diet.

He starts the day with 12 egg whites and a tiny portion of oatmeal on the water followed by four meals of chicken, which accounted for only one potato, cut crosswise.

In the evening Steve dines with fried fish. During the day he does not allow himself any “accidental” products, because he is afraid of excess sodium. He himself checks the intake of salt to a milligram. Excess sodium suppresses the work of many enzymes and upsets the mechanisms of muscle contraction.

If you eat everything without control, the body gets too much salt, and muscle tone goes down. By the way, strong muscles have one more secret: one should avoid dehydration. Lack of fluid leads to a thickening of blood, but thick blood prevents explosive contraction. To insure, Steve drinks for a day at least 3 liters of clear water.

Steve Austin’s height, weight and age

He made up the training program by himself. It includes 4 strength training in a row. Then Steve is resting one day, and the next one he begins the cycle again. As for aerobics, here Austin has a lot of personal “tips”.

Firstly, he is convinced of the usefulness of cardio.

Today, Steve Austin weighs 112 kg (with height of 186 cm). Austin professes classic bodybuilding, but does not recognize supersets and so-called objections. He believes that such methods are counterproductive. They add relief to the muscles, but not the force. Meanwhile, only diet is responsible for muscle relief.

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