Tim Roth is considered to be American, although he is from England. But you can never guess it as the actor imitates accents perfectly. Being extremely handsome and talented from the very childhood, the actor was prosecuted by his classmates for his contrast to the others. Now Tim Roth movies and TV shows are watched by people worldwide. It is the best proof for the others that the actor deserves his fame and net worth he had earned.
Tim Roth

Tim Roth  Biography

Timothy Simon Smith was born in 1961, on the 14th of May. His mother, Ann Roth, served as a teacher at a local school. Later she changed her profession and has become a landscape designer. Her husband, Ernie Smith, was a successful journalist. The boy lived in London in a wealthy and well educated family. He seemed to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  The boy was good looking from the very childhood. His smart oval face, open smile and great body (Tim Roth height is 170 cm, he is muscled) seemed so attractive! No doubt, that he got interested in acting and working on television – he looked exactly like a famous star.

Tim Roth Tim Roth

The boy attended Dick Sheppard Comprehensive School. Having graduated from there, the actor entered Camberwell Art College. He was serious in his intention to become a professional and high paid actor. His first role Tim Roth got in 1982.

Tim Roth Movies

Tim Roth films list is full of box office hits. He participated in such movies as “Planet of the Apes”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs”. Among his latest films is Quentin Tarantino “Hateful Eight”. It is hard to define the best actor’s films as each his movie is worth of attention and public’s love. Still here are the most significant movies of Tim Roth.

  1. Made in Britain

It was a great luck for the young actor to get the title role. But Tim Roth was lucky enough to get it. His hero, Trevor, a very complicated and asocial fellow, had modest reviews from critics. Nevertheless it was his debut and it was worthy enough.
Tim Roth

  1. The Hit

This movie was a big break for a debutant. Tim Roth got his first recognition. He co-acted John Hurt and Laura del Sol. The movie got positive reviews from public and critics and the actor Tim Roth was noticed by a cult film director Quentin Tarantino, who soon invited Tim Roth to his next film.

Tim Roth _7

  1. Reservoir Dogs

The role of Mr. Orange Tim Roth won very easily. In fact, film director Quentin Tarantino, invited the actor to act in his movie. Although at first Tim was offered to act as Mr. Pink, he applied for the role of Mr. Orange and was right as he acted perfectly.

Tim Roth

  1. Pulp Fiction

The role of unlucky robber Pumpkin gave Tim Roth an opportunity to cooperate with his favorite film director Quentin Tarantino again. He was lucky to meet at the film set such stars as John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and godlike Uma Thurman. Tim Roth Pulp Fiction is one of the best screen works of an actor.

Tim Roth

  1. Planet of the Apes

The movie of Tim Burton tells us about the planet of the apes, where people were their slaves. The astronaut, performed by Mark Wahlberg, tries his best to save the people. Tim Roth’s Thade tries his to help. Tim Roth Planet of the Apes was a strong and talented work.

Tim Roth

  1. Lie to Me

Tim Roth tried his hand as a producer too during his work on TV series “Lie To Me”. He also acted as Dr. Cal Lightman there.

Tim Roth

  1. Arbitrage

Brilliant Richard Gere, talented Susan Sarandon and godlike Laetitia Casta made the movie about extremely rich fraud Robert Miller not just interesting, but beautiful too.
Tim Roth

  1. The Hateful Eight

One more cooperation of cult Quentin Tarantino and eccentric Tim Roth seemed to be successful. The other great stars like Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh also took part in the movie. It tells about 8 different people, who were gathered in one company by chance. And one of them for sure is a hypocrite.

Tim Roth

The work of Tim Roth in the movie of Michael Caton-Jones named “Rob Roy” brought Tim Roth an Oscar nomination as the best supporting actor. Thus the professionalism of an actor was proved by Cinema Academy attention to his roles. Later the actor Tim Roth tried his hand as a film director too. He made the film “The War Zone”. His directing experience impressed the actor so much, that he made a tattoo “WZ” on his right hand. In fact, Tim Roth tattoos are well known in Hollywood. He made tattoos with the names of his wife and three sons.

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Tim Roth  Personal Life

Tim Roth has a wife, Nikki Butler, a fashion designer, whom he met at one of the film festivals. They got married in 1993 and have two sons together, Timothy Hunter Roth and Michael Cormac Roth.
Tim Roth

In early 80s Tim Roth dated his school sweetheart Lori Baker, who gave a birth to their child in 1984. Thus Jack Roth actor biography is closely connected with Tim Roth, as he is his first child. We know Jack Roth as Game of Thrones star.
Tim Roth

Tim Roth is 56 now, but he is one of the busiest actors nowadays.


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