Date of Birth: 17 October, 1993 (Age: 23)

Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3)

Weight: 59 kg (130 pounds)

Witney Carson Height, Weight, Age

Witney Carson

Witney Carson body measurements:

Breast size: 91 cm (36 in)

Waist size: 66 cm (26 in)

Hips: 91 cm (36 in)

Feet size: 6 US (36 EU)

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Blonde

Witney Carson is known as a professional dancer and occasional actress. The star is also popular due to her hot curvy body, which she never misses an opportunity to demonstrate in luxurious short dresses, small summer shorts and bikini. She is quite small and miniature as for her height, but she has quite wide hips and big breasts. Witney Carson was even rumored to have implants, but this information is not confirmed. Most of dancers like to be very slim and tender, they are starving in order to get small breast and hips, but Witney is proud of her hourglass body shape. With her blonde hair, full lips and blue eyes, Carson is very often compared with Marilyn Monroe.

Witney Carson was born in USA, in a small city in Utah. The girl was very active from the earliest years and her parents took her to the dancing school at the age of three. During almost two decades of her career, Witney tried various kinds of dancing, including jazz, ballet, hip hop etc.

After graduating from school the girl moved to LA to start career of a professional dancer. When she was 18, Carson managed to become a contestant at a popular show “So You Think You Can Dance”. This hit show made Witney Carson popular, she was included into top 3 female dancers of the show. Soon she continued her career, when was casted to “Dancing with the Stars”. At first she appeared on the show as its troupe dancer and later she managed to become its contestant. In general, Witney Carson participated in 5 seasons of the show. She occupied the 1st place with her partner, actor Alfonso Ribeiro. In the latest 22nd season Witney Carson occupied the 8th place with her partner, athlete Von Miller.

Witney Carson Height, Weight, Age

Witney Carson

Witney Carson is a busy woman, because she works from morning till night, cares about her husband (Witney married in January, 2016 her longtime boyfriend Carson McAllister) and finds some time for workouts.

Alongside regular ballroom dancing, a beauty Carson likes yoga and Pilates. She doesn’t practice strength workouts, because she gains muscle mass very easily. But stretching routine is her cup of tea. Witney Carson never keeps to a diet, but you will never notice forbidden products on her plate.

Witney Carson is a real dancing star and a very beautiful woman!

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