Date of birth: February 20, 1966 (Age: 51 years)

Height: 5’ 9” (175 cm)

Weight: 141 pounds (64 kg)

Cindy Crawford’s height, weight and body measurements

Cynthia Crawford body measurements:

Chest: 36” (91 cm)

Waist: 26” (66 cm)

Hips: 35” (89 cm)

Bra size: 34B

Shoe size: 9 (US)/ 41 (EU)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Cindy Crawford’s eyes and hair color

Cindy Crawford – a bright figure of fitness in 90’s. At that time, every girl dream of getting a cassette with Cindy’s programs, because only then they could find a way to do the best program of that time.

Time goes by, but Cindy Crawford’s program Secret of an Ideal Figure does not become less effective. The very same secret still helps women to gain luxurious forms.

The complex of exercises included in the program includes a wide variety of elements: from aerobics to strength exercises. A unique combination of these elements inevitably leads to an improvement in the silhouette by bringing the muscles into tonus and burning excess fat deposits.

Today, Cindy is 51, she has a family and two children, but this does not prevent the model from being in great shape and looking amazing. In addition, she willingly shares the secrets of her attractiveness.

Cindy admits that she does not keep any special diet and does not train on daily basis, but she simply eats a healthy balanced diet. Crawford emphasizes that she does not smoke and tries not to spend a lot of time under the influence of sunlight to avoid photoaging.

The star adheres to the so-called Zona nutrition system, which aims at finding the optimal weight and maintaining it for a long time. This allows Cindy to keep the skin supple and avoid harmful weight fluctuations.

Cindy Crawford’s height, weight and body measurements

This meal plan prescribes eating carefully balanced foods containing 40% of carbohydrates, 30%  of protein and 30% of fats. Its followers try to eat often and gradually.

The model has a snack between breakfast and lunch and a midday snack at 4 pm, so she does not snatch food like a wolf during main meals.

This diet implies that one needs to eat in small portions, but often – 5-6 times a day.

Actually, this is the entire secret of an incredible body of gorgeous Cindy Crawford.

Cindy Crawford’s height, weight and body measurements

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