Date of birth:  December 20, 1946 (Age 71)

Full name: Richard Anthony Wolf

Born place: New York City, New York, USA

Height: 6’4’’ (193 cm)

Weight: 265 lbs (120 kg)

Dick Wolf's height, weight and age

Hair color: Salt and pepper

Eye color: Blue

Dick Wolf's eyes and hair color

Dick Wolf is an extraordinary producer, director, and writer who has been influencing the entertainment industry right from the 80’s. His journey to fame began through an advertising agency called Benton & Bowles, where he worked as a copywriter. While at Benton & Bowles, he worked on various commercials for well-known companies such as Crest toothpaste.

Having a passion for the entertainment industry that could never die, Wolf was writing screenplays as a hobby while waiting for an opportunity fate will bring his path. One of his first known works was the 1988 movie Masquerade. Not long after, he got a job to work with the crew of Hill Street Blues. This role gave his career the right boost that he needed as an episode he wrote earned him an Emmy award.

At the start of the 90’s, his most popular work Law & Order was birth. This police series became a huge success as it aired for 2 decades thereby making it the longest running police series in history. This series eventually led to multiple spin-off series as well as a couple of movies.

In 2012, he released another television series called Chicago Fire. This series ended up growing to become a franchise as it led to other Chicago series.

Right from his youth, Wolf had always been a bit on the chubby side. Early in his career, he preferred the baby face look as he always shaved off all of his beards. As he advanced in age, he began keeping his beards at an average length.

With Mother Nature working on his body, some of his hair turned grey and his very smooth face became all wrinkled up. However, Wolf still looks very good and healthy despite his age. As though there is no slowing down for him, even at the age of 71 he is still very much involved in his career. His latest work is the television series F.B.I.

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