Date of birth: March 9, 1964 (Age: 53 years)

Height: 5’ 6” (168 cm)

Weight: 125 pounds (57 kg)

Juliette Binoche's height, weight and body measurements

Juliette Binoche body measurements:

Chest: 34” (86 cm)

Waist: 25” (63,5 cm)

Hips: 34” (86 cm)

Bra size: 34A

Shoe size:  8 (US)/ 38 (EU)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Juliette Binoche's eyes and hair color

Frenchwomen are a separate story in the world of beauty. They are able to be elegant and individual remaining natural at the same time. Their femininity is the result of acceptance of themselves with all the advantages and disadvantages. They do not like to discuss the secrets of beauty, arguing primarily about life.

Juliette Binoche is one of those who mastered the art of receiving pleasure from life.

She is 53. She is not afraid of adventures, age and losses. Years are not a hindrance for people who challenge life and bravely accept all its blows.

The French actress has thoroughly studied the rules of the game over time: beauty is vulnerable and transient, but the human essence is always ours. In this regard, there’s no need to cling to youth. It’s too unreliable resource. But like a real Frenchwoman, Binoche scrupulously monitors herself using the whole arsenal of possibilities of the beauty industry.

The famous Parisian eschews hard diets saying she does not see the crime in occasionally eating off what she loves.

Black chocolate or a croissant with berries are small pleasures that the actress does not intend to sacrifice.

With extra pounds, Juliet fights as and when, using the 10-day unloading of dietitian Madeleine Gest.

Juliette Binoche's height, weight and body measurements

The actress is sure that every woman should be able to turn flaws into virtues. The actress obsesses the desire of many women to approach perfection. Still, this French woman prefers to struggle with excess weight as she does not count it as the resource which should be presented as an achievement. Losing weight Binoche begins with two days of fasting on water, vegetables and fish that turns into an 8-day diet.

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