Date of birth: February 27, 1962 (54 years)

Height: 6ft 4 in (193 cm)

Weight: 230 (105kg)

Adam Baldwin Height

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin body measurements:

 Hair colour: Blue

Eye Color: Dark brown

Despite his age, Adam Baldwin doesn’t lose his popularity. Best known for the role in a film “Full Metal Jacket”, he impresses his fans by his great body shape even today. How does he manage to keep feet? Let’s have a look.

Adam Baldwin Weight

Adam Baldwin

In his 54 Adam hardly looks as he’s 44. He was always tall and handsome as he is now. For this reason Adam took a lot of efforts and spent long time in a gym. His perfect body was a result of right nutrition and training program. In addition to the weight training, Adam did jogging almost every day in the morning. Push-ups and big weights made the result quite obvious.

To support his shape and to stay in fit, Adam kept healthy diet. It consisted of big amount of vegetables and fruit, 4 litters of water a day, stewed and boiled food. Moreover, together with his trainer Adam decided to exclude fried food and to decrease the consumption of junk food and sweets.

The main rule was to eat often, but small amount of food. Adam Baldwin had 6 meals a day, including snacks. Due to the decrease of sugar and caffeine Adam also managed to improve his health condition and sleep. According to the actor, good sleep takes 20 percent of the success. That’s why he was prescribed a complex of vitally important microelements which influenced his sleep in a very good way.

Adam Baldwin Body Measurement

Adam Baldwin

Adam should be an example for everybody who thinks that age can be a justification for an indecent body shape and look. He established a really high level. Good job!

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