Dog Lola (Maltese)

Tiny Maltese named Lola that is a pet of model Alessandra Ambrosio won our heart!

It is so nice, it seems that it is made not of the flesh, blood and hair but of sweet cotton candy … Super!

Besides, in any case it is better to have such dog at home than a sea dog, which requested Alessandra’s daughter, Anya.

Alessandra Ambrosio`s pet - dog Lola

dog Lola

Anja liked a sea dog at once, and she began to moan. She begged her mom to buy her a sea dog, but a small one. Of course, the family left the zoo without a sea dog, but the very next day they welcome Lola in their family.

Even if you are not engaged into the fashion industry, you couldn’t but heard about the scandal with Alessandra Ambrosio that took place in 2012.

That case attracted attention of media and many pet organisations. Don’t you know what the point was?

Well, all that conserned the celeb pooch Lola. Being a public person, Alessandra should always look great. Besides, she controls not only her own style, but also the style of all her family and even a little Lola.

During a stroll with her husband and two kids, Alessandra’s dog was noticed with pink fur. Yes, this cuddly cutie was walking demonstrating her bright colour.

Alessandra Ambrosio with her pet - dog Lola

dog Lola with pink fur

That change of dog’s image caused a wave of rage from different animal rights activists. From Alessandra’s point of view, the dog looks stylish and great, but she probably didn’t think about Lola’s health. The dyed fur could cause allergy and intoxication, that could harm the dog.

Despite all the accusations, Alessandra didn’t feel worried and is totally preoccupied with her pink beauty.

As you see, this issue is rather controversial. Nevertheless, it seems that Lola enjoys her life in a model family. The girls are often seen together walking in Santa Monica or somewhere else. Lola is a real member of Ambrosio-Mazur family and always follows them.

This story shows that great love to animals can sometimes lead to crazy ideas. Luckily, for Lola such experiments didn’t cause any problems, but we should remember that not everything that is good for us is good for little furry creatures.

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