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Have you ever thought what your “spiritual animal” is?

This is rather strange question, but still, many people know the answer. Our target, Amy Adams, is also among these people. So, let’s see what animal she identifies with and why.

The star of American Hustle confessed that she is always immensely happy when meeting new people on shootings, almost as a puppy is. This is one of the arguments why she thinks her spiritual animal is a dog.

Amy said that when she was a bit younger, she was extremely friendly to everybody and just being surrounded by many people was a real pleasure. This feature didn’t disappear with time. Today, Amy is still like a retriever in a park and she always tries to please everyone.

Such behavior can make clear how Amy managed to establish so warm relationships with her dogs.

Amy Adams` pets - dogs Sadie and Pippy

dogs Sadie and Pippy

If you follow Amy’s career and private life, you couldn’t but notice that she’s deeply in love not only with her husband and daughter, but also with her two adorable dogs – Pippy and Sadie.

These two furry guys seem to be immensely happy living celeb life. Pippy and Sadie accompany Amy almost everywhere, even at the shooting.

When Amy gave a birth to her daughter, Aviana, the dogs didn’t feel neglected. Her four-legged friends follow the family to any place and if Amy with her husband and daughter go for vacations, the dogs join them for sure.

Even when Aviana stays at home, Pippy and Sadie are with their celeb mom. The dogs hike, swim, walk, run, and have fun together with Amy’s family. They live really full life.

Amy Adams` pets - dogs Sadie and Pippy

dogs Sadie and Pippy

However, on the Internet there are several pictures with Amy walking another dog. Its breed and name are unknown. We even don’t know whether this dog belongs to Amy. It has black fur and that’s all about the issue. Nevertheless, Amy looked as a very thoughtful mom together with that dog.

We wish all the dogs had such attentive owners as Amy is. If so, the world would be much kinder and there were no abandoned animals on the streets.

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