Date of birth:  October 11, 1967 (Age 50)

Full name: Arthur Steven Lange Jr.

Born Place: Livingston, New Jersey, USA

Height: 5’10’’ (178 cm)

Weight: 300 lb (136 kg)

Artie Lange's height, weight and age

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Artie Lange's eyes and hair color

The talented comedian and actor Arthur Lange popularly called Artie always had a comedic gift right from his childhood. Artie performed as his Father worked in construction beginning from imitating people which always got him laughs.

Through Artie’s early life, he worked as a taxi driver and other jobs he could access in order to support his family after his dad got paralyzed. Artie’s life seemed to have crumbled when his dad died which led him to drop out of college. He later decided to pursue his career as a comedian.

After his first not so great stand-up comedy routine, he took up acting classes for as long as he could afford them in other to build himself up. In 1992, Artie decided to dive right into stand-up comedy juggling it with his flexible job as a taxi driver. Though the first paid gig he could get was $30, yet Artie continued to push harder until he got a rather stable pay.

Things began to work for the better for Artie, in about a year he co-founded Live on Tape – an improv group which turned out very successful. This exposure was a great opportunity for him. Through it, he was able to sign a contract with William Morris Agency and also got featured in various commercials.

By 27, Archie got an incredible opportunity on the comedy show Mad TV. Despite the success that was coming his way at this point living the life everyone would dream of yet his life was filled with much darkness. He had put smiles on the face of others and left out the most important one – Archie.

Was it the fame that overwhelmed him? We can’t really tell but after he hit the limelight, he got addicted to drugs and alcohol leading him to a very unhealthy life where we put on enormous weight.

Artie Lange's height, weight and age

The addiction to drugs had literarily snatched the future of this talented comedian and actor right out of his hands. At the pinnacle of his career, he attempted to take his life because she had run short of drugs.

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