Cheryl Cole pictures inspire men and women all over the world. If men dream to meet such a beautiful woman at least once in their life, women do everything to look like the star. They study Cheryl Cole pictures, keep to a diet and train a lot to get such wow-body as the signer has. Cheryl Cole outfits are another topic for conversation. The signer has her own unique style. She always wears bright dresses and blouses, unusual hats with leopard prints and high-heeled shoes. Cheryl Cole outfits are copied by women from various cities and countries. Her long wavy hair looks extremely thick and healthy! The actress always wears a bright makeup, that makes her pretty face even more noticeable. Cheryl Cole 2014 is a solid brand. But not long ago a woman had to struggle to become popular. So, how did Cheryl Cole starte her career?

Cheryl Cole Biography

The girl was born on the 30th of June, 1983 in England. Her family wasn’t rich or noble; girls’ parents were not actors or successful businessmen. They had four children – two sons and two daughters. Cheryl was one of them. Since childhood the girl liked to sing and to dance. The parents noticed the passion of their daughter to dancing. When the girl was only 9, she started to visit The Royal Ballet School. Cheryl was really successful as a dancer. Her movements were smooth and light. Several years later Cheryl started to participate in various beauty pageants. The girl could become a model, but she has always been too short. Cheryl has only 160 cm of height. That made the career of a model impossible. But her strong voice gave the girl an opportunity to start her career as a signer. In 2002 Cheryl Cole was chosen among thousands of other young boys and girls to take part in the reality show “Popstars”.


Girls Aloud

Cheryl Cole career as a pop singer started in 2002, when she took part in the reality show “Popstars”. Cheryl was one of the most remarkable young signers of the project. She and four other talented girls were chosen as winners of the show. They formed the group “Girls Aloud”. The girls had a chance and they did everything to use it. They started to work together and soon their first single appeared. The song “Sound of the Underground” was the first one in the top list during several months. Later the girl recorded the first album with the same name. The album became extremely successful. The group was formed by commonplace girls, who took part in the reality show. Nobody supposed them to become real stars. Except “Sound of the Underground” the album contained such hits as “I’ll stand by you”, “The promise” and many others. The album became platinum and the girls became stars. In 2008 they recorded their second album “Out of Control”. Later the girls decided to make a pause and to start their solo careers.

Solo Debut

Cheryl Cole songs became hits too. The signer was not afraid of solo career. She hoped that her strong voice and very beautiful body will make her popular. She was not mistaken. “Fight for This Love” was the first one among Cheryl Cole songs, that made her popular as a solo signer. The hit became platinum three times. This fact convinced Cheryl, that she must continue her solo career.

The woman recorded her first solo album “3 words”. It was successful, the glory of the singer was enormous, but the woman was so hardworking, that in 2010 she recorded her second solo album, called “Messy Little Raindrops”. In 2012 her third solo album appeared. It was called “A Million Lights”. The professional career of the star is great, no need to say it. Cheryl Cole 2014 is a well known singer, who appeared on the covers of the most popular fashion magazines like “Vogue”, “Harper’s Bazaar” and many others. Cheryl also was a judge of a popular musical show “The X Factor”. Being extremely active in her professional life, Cheryl Cole remains not so successful in her personal life.
Personal Life

Cheryl Cole is one of the most beautiful women of our planet. Various magazines awarded her as the most elegant, the most stylish etc. But the beauty didn’t help a singer to become successful in her personal life.

In 2006 Cheryl Cole married a famous football star Ashley Cole. Their love affair was loud and passionate. But unfortunately it was not full of love and respect to each other. Ashley Cole cheated his wife with other women. Cheryl tried to cover the problems she had in her personal life from journalists. But Ashley took part in several public scandals with other women. Cheryl decided to get divorced in 2010.

The singer used to be alone for a long time. In 2014 she met Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. They got married three months later. Now the signer wears the surname of her second husband.

Except problems in her personal life, Cheryl used to have problems with her health too. After her visit to Tanzania the woman had malaria. She was seriously ill, she could lose her life. The fans were worried about Cheryl and she managed to survive.

Till now Cheryl Cole remains the most sexual woman of the century and her songs always become hits!

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