Date of birth: February 06, 1986 (Age 32)

Full name: Daniel Cormier

Born place: Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

Height: 5’11’’ (180 cm)

Weight: 93 kg (205 pounds)

Daniel Cormier's height, weight and age

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Daniel Cormier's eyes and hair color

To every Ultimate fighting fan, the name Daniel Cormier does absolutely more than ring a bell. Daniel is a remarkable mixed martial artist who has made his way to fame and remained relevant for close to a decade.

Right from his early years, Daniel has always been good at every sport he ventured in. In his high school, he used to be an outstanding football player. Daniel was so good that he got a scholarship to study at Louisiana State University.

However, his wrestling dreams superseded his football skills and he decided to decline this offer in order to pursue a career as a wrestler. Not putting all his eggs in a basket, he studied sociology at the Oklahoma State University.

In 1995, Daniel participated in the Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship, where he earned a bronze medal. From this point, Daniel’s career continued to go uphill and there was no slowing him down.

As a wrestler, Daniel took part in the 2004 Olympics, where he took fourth place. 4 years later, he participated in the Olympics again but had to be pulled out due to a tragic and devastating kidney failure. After this medical issue, Daniel decided to venture into mixed martial arts.

By 2010, he won the Xtreme Mixed Martial Art Heavyweight Championships. Daniel seemed to be thriving in this field as he won a King Of The Cage Heavyweight Championship within the space of two weeks.

Right from 2015, Daniel has been holding the Ultimate Fighting Championships title, under the lightweight category.

Daniel Cormier's height, weight and age

Over the years, Daniel has changed before our very eyes. In his youth, he used to have a lean and fit figure. As he advanced in age, Daniel has put on some weight and is no longer as lean as he used to be. Nevertheless, he is still as handsome as always.

Aside from his career, Daniel is married and has 2 children.

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