Date of birth: June 08, 1970 (Age: 46 years)

Height: 5’5” (165 cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60 kg)

Kelli Williams' height, weight and age

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Blue

Kelli Williams' eyes and hair color

It’s so hard to find someone who is not obsessed with getting slim process, especially among women. Though, we managed to find such a case.

Kelli Williams has never stick to any diet – it’s not her story. At least, the star of the series Lie to Me claims it to be true.

However, she confessed that one day she was starving after she gave birth to Kiran Ray. And it helped her. Actually, the actress likes to eat well. She loves Indian cuisine, she was attracted to it by Ajay (he’s an Indian).

Kelli Williams says celebrities have much more opportunities to eat healthy and keep themselves in shape. They have money and time, unlike average women. And unlike herself too.

According to Kelli, anyone who has children knows what choice is. When you decide to do gymnastics for two hours or fiddle with a child. The actress is not obsessed with the thought that her buttocks are not like Madonna’s, because her children do not stay unattended.

At the age of 19, Kelli Williams enlarged her breast for a couple of sizes, but at 22 she removed the implants. Actually, she can’t even name the motives – she just wanted so. Still, the actress does not know if she will repeat the experience when she is fifty, for example.

Being a mom of three kids is a difficult task, but Kelli deals with it perfectly, staying in a great shape at the same time.

Kelli Williams' height, weight and age

Men and women have different attitudes to the ideals of beauty. Men look at the body as a whole, and even if they have a slight problem, they still think they are perfect, while women focus only on problem areas.

The only tips that Kelli Williams gives us is to believe that we look better than we think. We don’t have to race in order to meet some standards or to make someone like us – no. Enjoy your life and love yourself as you are!

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