Date of birth: April 9, 1926

Date of death: September 27, 2017 (Age: 91)

Weight: 175 pounds (79 kg)

Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm)

Hugh Hefner`s height, weight and age

Shoe Size: 10 (US)/ 43 (EU)

Hair color: Grey

Eye color: Dark brown

Hugh Hefner`s eyes and hair color

The personality of Hugh Hefner is more than just contradictive. All of us are well aware of his love affairs and feats, but it’s not a topic of our discussion.

Of course, having soooo much money, the founder of the Playboy Empire can worry about nothing.

It’s not a secret that being already 90!!! Hugh Hefner prefers exclusively young girls. According to Hugh, it’s not only pleasing time that he enjoys, but he also says that young woman share their youth with him.

It’s a mystery how it actually happens, but, still, Hugh Hefner says that he feels younger his age really because of this. Who knows…

Many man envy Hugh Hefner not only because of his young partners, but because far not every man can boast with such active lifestyle at such age. And really, Hugh is not an ordinary aged man who is sitting at the sofa all day long reading a book or something like this, no.

We can’t but agree that proper nutrition plays extremely important role for the health and for prolonging the youth. Let’s now have a look on what special this man eats to stay in shape at 90.

The chef of the famous editor says that Hugh eat only healthy food. He likes sleeping long hours, so his usual breakfast is at around 11 o’clock. Even at 90 Hugh has very hectic schedule that doesn’t allow him to eat regularly. For this reason, Hugh Hefner has lunch only at 5 p.m and dines late after 10 p.m.

Hugh Hefner`s height, weight and age

On a daily basis the man eats a half of a grapefruit – it keeps him energetic and gives all the necessary vitamins. Poached eggs, lamb chops and mashed potatoes are Hugh’s favorite dishes.

Hugh Hefner`s height, weight and age

Besides, Mr. Hefner likes fresh juices of other fruit and vegetables. Actually, this man likes eating something tasty and special (and he doesn’t eat in small portions).

Hugh Hefner’s family: wives and children

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