Date of birth: January 18, 1969 (Age: 49 years)

Height: 6 ft 6 in (198 cm)

Weight: 290 pounds (130 kg)

Dave Batista age, height and weight

Dave Batista body measurements:

Chest: 55 in or 140 cm

Waist: 36 in or 92 cm

Arms: 20 in or 51 cm

Calves: 16 in or 41 cm

Thighs: 28 in or 71 cm

Shoe size: 13 (US)/ 46 (EU)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Dark brown

Dave Batista eyes and hair color

In any form of martial arts such dimensions as Dave has are included in the category of trump. However, there are many giants in wrestling.

In addition, Batista three times became the champion in the heavyweight division, which among the wrestlers themselves is revered for the miracle, because of ultra-high injuries in this category.

It turns out that Batista became strong due to… weakness.

Imagine, in high school with his current height, Dave weighed a little more than 70 kg. On the one hand, growth has given him a distinct advantage, for example, in basketball or swimming. However, both teams flooded him as not worthy guy. They said that, firstly, he needed to pump up the muscles. It was a stress for Dave and as a result he suffered from asthma.

That’s how destiny brought Dave Batista to bodybuilding.

His father worked hard, so he was not up to the sport. However, when Dave said that he was going to pump his body, father immediately bought him a barbell.

So, Batista started to train at home, and when he was a little stronger, parents, bought him a card to a local fitness club. From the very first day the coaches pointed out the fundamental difference between bodybuilding and other power sports.

Dave Batista age, height and weight

When you have to fight for power, you need to fully concentrate on training. The most important thing is a well-constructed training plan. Your strength won’t grow despite the fact how well you eat. In other words, weightlifters do like this: they build a stable eating rhythm and are follow it, while dedicating all your forces to strength training. With bodybuilding the thing is different. The training itself is important, but the most important factor in muscle growth is food. The more you manage to eat, the bigger you will become. In other words, everything is vice versa – you easily follow the training schedule, but eat hard in her kitchen.

Dave noted that he eats 11 times a day. After 5 years of training, he weighed 168 kg with a minimum of fat.

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