Date of birth:  April 12, 1947 (Age 70)

Full name: David Michael Letterman

Born place: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Height: 6’1.5’’ (186.7 cm)

Weight: 83 kg (183 pounds)

David Letterman’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Fair

Eye color: Blue

David Letterman’s eyes and hair color

From the early 80’s, the face of talk shows has been transformed for the better. The success of the aspect of entertainment cannot be mentioned without the name David Letterman.

All this was birth while David was still a young lad. As a child, David used to watch the Paul Dixon Show and from that point, he was totally convinced in himself that this was going to be his career path.

Right from college, he began walking in that path as he was the newscaster of his school’s radio station. After graduation, he worked in this hometown as a radio talk show host and eventually became a weatherman. While giving weather forecasts on the radio, David found a brilliant way to combine it with comedy using hilarious expressions.

This unique style gave David much recognition in his hometown as it exposed him to greater opportunities.

By 1975, he decided to move to Los Angeles in order to start a career as a comedy writer. On arriving Los Angeles, he started out performing at The Comedy Store and gradually made his way to becoming a writer by 1977.

Three years later, he reached the peak of his career as he wrote, produced and directed his own talk show, The David Letterman Show. This became a success but got discontinued after a while in the same year. In 1982, his show made a comeback and was called Late Night With David Letterman. This time it brought him much more success earning the show a Primetime Emmy Award 10 years in a row.

By 1991, he launched his production company called Worldwide Pants, which has produced movies like The Fundamentals Of Caring.

In 2015, he featured in his last episode after announcing his retirement a year before.

David Letterman’s height, weight and age

In the earlier years of his career, David maintained a good figure and wore suits most of the times he was seen on screen. However, age has made him look almost unrecognisable at 70. All of his hair has gone grey and he now keeps a long grey beard.

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