Date of birth: December 5, 1985 (age 33)

Full name: Francisco Muniz IV

Born place: Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, USA

Height: 5’5″(1.65 m)

Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)

Frankie Muniz's height, weight and age

Eyes color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Frankie Muniz's eyes and hair color

As an artistic personality, he was early discovered at a talent show of the local production. Soon he was shot in his first film To Dance With Olivia. A few years after he got a tiny role in the film Lost & Found that allowed him to get his most famous role as the main character on Malcolm in the Middle. This sitcom is about an extraordinary working-class family, and Francisco’s role is a kind of intelligent boy with pure reason in comparison with his family.

Frankie was interested in car racing for a long time. His car-racing career started, when he was a celebrity participant at the Celebrity Race Cup. It was in 2004, and he finished seventh, but the year after he took the third position. When he was thinking about how to become an owner of a racing team, he got a chance to test a sports car and that’s why he made a solution to become a driver.

Frankie participated in 14 competitions in 2006 but didn’t take any prize places. He took the twenty-ninth place from the list of 36 participants.

The spectrum of Malcolm in the Middle‘s fans memorized Muniz as a skinny teenager that looked like a little leprechaun. But his sports passion changed his body type.

So now he has a well-built, athletic body. That helped him to melt the hearts of beauties and to be beloved by them. Now, in comparison with former appearance, he looks like a flamenco dancer with his hair cut, mustache and habit to wear straight shirts.

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