Gia Kourlas Height, Weight, Age

Gia Kourlas

Date of Birth: Not Known

Height: 170 or 5 ft 5 (approximately)

Weight: 59 kg or 130 pounds (approximately)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Do you know Gia Kourlas? Then you should know why she is called a kind of a bitch. The name of this woman makes dancers all over the world tremble. Gia works for New York Times and she is responsible for dancing publications. Frankly speaking, this lady has a very pleasant job; she visits various concerts and dancing performances all over the world and then writes her reviews about the stars. And frankly speaking the reviews are very evil, that’s why famous dancers often feel anxiety, when they see this lady in the first row.

Gia Kourlas knows many famous dancers personally. Thus she interviewed Karina Smirnoff, Julie Kent and many others. Gia likes to learn something new about various dancers, but she keeps in secret her personal life.

It is just known that Gia Kourlas was born in New York. She liked dancing most of all and used to visit ballet classes in her teens. She studied journalism in the University and later she got the chance to combine her love to dance with love to writing.

Gia Kourlas felt, that writing for New York Times is a very responsible task. Her reviews are not always positive, but they are always strict. For example, thus she wrote about Night Gala Concert in American Ballet Theatre that the dancing was “one step forward and the other step back”.

Gia Kourlas  Height, Weight, Age

Gia Kourlas. Young

Of course, Gia is a strict critic, but she can tell for herself that she has a right to do it, because she is a real lover of dancing. The woman devotes her love to dancing and studies its peculiarities every single day. Gia Kourlas is going to write a book about black people in ballet.

The famous journalist looks like a ballerina herself. Her long and slim body shows, that she spends a lot of time in gym daily to remain slim and light, like any other ballerina. Gia Kourlas is strict to the others, but she is strict to herself too. The star tries her best to have a ballet body.

There’s not much information about Gia’s diet. Probably, she doesn’t keep to any diet at all and remains slim due to her lucky genes. Once Gia wrote that she had never had the weight problem.

At the same time a dance writer avoids junk food. She tries to refuse from white bread, pasta, mayonnaise and alcoholic drinks. Gia Kourlas has fresh fruit and vegetable salads with a tea spoon of olive oil instead of it.

Gia Kourlas can serve as a role model for any woman, who wants to look great in her mature age.

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