Date of birth: August 30, 1982 (Age: 34 years)

Height: 6’ 3” (190 cm)

Weight: 194 pounds

Andy Roddick's height, weight and body measurements

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Brown

Andy Roddick's eyes and hair color

On the eve of the first match in the super tournament of the Sony Ericsson Open, which took place in Miami in May 2009, the American Andy Roddick was extremely nervous.

Nevertheless, he talked about his play and physical form, because that was the time of some significant changes in his body.

The victory over Ferrer, Djokovic and a good game in the match with Nadal inspired optimism, but still Andy had a feeling that he had won those matches that he was supposed to win and there were other components in which he could catch up.

Before every his match the tennis player is looking forward to progress in his game.

Being in Miami Roddick was asked how the loss of several kilograms affected his game. But, as usually, he was joking about that.

The tennis player said he did not know if that was his decision, or he was forced to do so. There were two big differences. When he hired Larry Stefanki to work, Andy told him that he was not going to argue. He hired a coach in order to follow his recommendations. Larry immediately advised Andy to lose 7 kilograms of weight, but Andy did not regret that he agreed.

Of course, that weight loss helped and improved his performance. Larry noticed that something has changed in tennis, for example, courts and balls have become slower, that’s why so many players depend on their physical condition and footwork.

Andy Roddick's height, weight and body measurements

That’s why Andy and Larry went the same way. That decision gave the result, although it took only about two and a half months, so only half a year after that the tennis player and his support team were able to comment on the success of such body transformations.

Thought, Andy announced his retirement in 2012, he’s still keeping fit as a true sportsman. Even without constant training he looks fitted and toned.

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