Date of Birth: 9 August, 1968 (Age: 48)

Gillian Anderson Height, Weight, Age

Gillian Anderson

Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3)

Weight: 48 kg (106 pounds)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red

Gillian Anderson looks perfect as always. Several decades have passed since her debut on the TV screen in the series “The Simpsons”.

She has slim well shaped body, her eyes are shining and her face is without any wrinkle. Gillian Anderson seems to know the secret of youth. But the star, who looks perfect and whose body measurements are close to ideal, tells that she doesn’t think she is beautiful. “That’s why most of women feel comfortable in my presence”, she adds.

Gillian Anderson was close to acting since her childhood. The daughter of film post-production executive, she was born in Chicago and travelled all over the world. The girl was hyperactive at school and her teachers didn’t like her for her tricks. But she had a passion – she liked acting. Taking part in school performance “Romeo and Juliet”, Gillian Anderson decided to pursue acting as a career.

She got her first recognition after the role of Agent Dana Scully in “The X Files”. Then she proved her status of an A list star, participating in such recognizable movies as “Playing by Heart”, “The Last King of Scotland”, “Shadow Dancer” and many others. One of her latest projects is the sequel of the popular series “The X-Files”, which was released a year ago.

Gillian Anderson Height, Weight, Age

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson had to portray her famous heroine again and it was a challenge for her. Of course, she had to look not worse than at the very beginning of her career.

In fact, Gillian Anderson managed to impress anyone, who watched the series, with her great shape.

To stay fit, Gillian keeps to a diet and does exercises almost every day. She is not tall and that’s why it is especially necessary for her to stay slim. By the way, Gillian Anderson used to tell in her interview that she considered her small height as her main drawback.

Gillian Anderson is not the fan of exercising and not to exercise is the greatest pleasure for her.

Gillian Anderson Height, Weight, Age

Gillian Anderson

But she can’t enjoy her greatest pleasure too often, that’s why at least three times per week Gillian’s morning starts from yoga or Pilates exercising.

She is also the great lover of walking for long distances and swimming.

Gillian Anderson is extremely slim. When she wants to lose several pounds, she keeps to gluten-free diet.

These measures help the star to remain well fitted. She is a mother of three children, but you can hardly say it, looking at her flat stomach and fat free hips.

Gillian Anderson serves as a role model to many younger actresses.

Gillian Anderson Height, Weight, Age

Gillian Anderson

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