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Jared Padalecki is a prominent American actor, who rose to fame overnight after starring in the series Supernatural. He fights with the ghosts and dragons fearlessly and by this courage he earned the sympathy of the majority of people all over the world. That’s why still he stays one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.

In his genius for acting every viewer made sure. Despite of the fact that he is a gifted person he is a handsome and tall man. He has his great personal charm, which certainly impresses the audience.

Jared was born in 198Jared Padalecki2 in San Antonio, Texas. His family was a typical American one of moderate means. His father is of Polish descent and that’s why Jared has Polish surname. Being a schoolboy, a future actor was going in for various kinds of sport, such as American football, baseball and frequently attended a gym. At the age of twelve he also started attending acting courses and soon he had won “Claim to Fame Contest” after which he received the right to appear at the “Teen Choice Awards“. During this ceremony a young man met his agent. They made friends and their cooperation continues till nowadays.

If to speak about his first acting experience it stands to mention a film Gilmore Girls. This film was very important for his future career. After this film some directors and producers started to invite a young actor to their new projects. He was offered the star parts and secondary roles.

However the most significant role a young man played during his career was in 2005. During this period of his life he was offered one of the star parts in a film Supernatural. As the result this role was an hour of triumph for Jared. Even after the first series he became popular and knew what a real popularity is. After this film thousands of fans near his house didn’t surprise a young celebrity. Speaking about his acting career it must be noticed that he preferred to play in scary movies.

This handsome young man with green eyes has a great variety of admirers and practically every girl dreams to have such a boyfriend. But Jared is married. His wife is his colleague, an actress Genevieve Cortese. During the fourth season of the series Supernatural she played the demon Ruby. Jared liked her new colleague so much that in two months he made a proposal of marriage. In a year they married though a great number of his fans were against this marriage. Now the couple has two sons and they are happy together.

Jared Padalecki Jared Padalecki

Now Jared is busy and works for twelve hours per day but still all his free time he spends together with his sons. He sleeps only when his children go to bed. On Jared’s opinion time spent together with his family is precious. When he is not at home and works his wife shows their sons the films with Jared.

After shooting in the series Supernatural the actor plans to have a rest and to give exclusive attention to his family. Later he has a desire to become a producer or something like that.

Jared Padalecki on the Bonnie Hunt Show

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