Jesse Wellens Height, Weight, Age

Jesse Wellens

Date of Birth: 25 September, 1982 (Age: 33)

Height: 180 cm (5 ft 11)

Weight: Unknown, but approximately 75 kg (165 pounds)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Jesse Wellens is a young handsome athletic man. His body measurements are not known exactly, but it is enough to look at him to understand that they are close to ideal.

Jesse Wellens is quite tall (180 cm), he has chiseled body and pleasant oval face. Jesse managed to gain international popularity as a YouTuber. Together with his then-girlfriend Jesse Wellens opened a channel at YouTube, named PrankvsPrank. Soon the channel became extremely popular with 9 million subscribers.

Jesse Wellens used to be a cop in the military in his youth. He swears, that he hadn’t thought about money, when posted the first video to YouTube. He dated Jeana Smith since 2005. Both the young people liked to laugh and played pranks over one another from time to time. Jesse Wellens made his girlfriend eat a full teaspoon of cinnamon and recorded a video of this joke. Jesse uploaded the video online and it made Jeana furious. But when she noticed, how popular their trick became, she forgave her loved one.

The young people swear that all of their tricks are real, not just acting. Some of their jokes are really evil. For example, once Jeana hit Jessy with a tray and Jessy put a head of a dummy to Smith’s bed. PrankvsPrank made the couple popular and rich, although some fans were curious, how they can play evil tricks on one another and still be in love.

Jesse Wellens Height, Weight, Age

Jesse Wellens

In 2016 Jeana and Jessy announced about their split. They told that their relationship was ruined because of pressure of their popularity and responsibility made on young people. Jessy announced he was going to move to New York.

Not long ago Jesse Wellens appeared with some other girls in public. He was noticed in a warm company of Kristina Askerova, a stylist, and another girl, Giselle Teresa Portocarrero. Jessy’s fans were shocked. They thought, Jessy had cheated his loved one Jeana Smith and had lost her as a result. But Jesse Wellens announced that he is single now and the girls are just his friends.

Jessy and Jeana stopped posting new pranks videos. They announced, the main reason of it was criticism.

In spite of troubles in his personal life, Jesse Wellens looks hot. He is the fan of training and visits gym regularly. He posted photos from gym in social media. Once the YouTube star tried yoga workout and liked it. It is not known, if Jessy keeps to a diet, but in any case he has no overweight, so he needn’t it, probably.

Jesse Wellens is a unique person, talented comedian, who probably, will develop his career.

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