Kate Middleton Height, Weight, Age

Kate Middleton

Date of Birth: 9 January, 1982 (Age: 34)

Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9)

Weight: 55 kg (121 pounds)

Kate Middleton measurements:

Breast size: 76 cm (30 in)

Waist size: 59 cm (23 in)

Hips: 84 cm (33 in)

Feet size: 8, 5 US (39 EU)

Eye color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

If Kate Middleton were not Prince William’s wife and Duchess of Cambridge, she could easily become a model. Her body measurements are close to ideal. She has banana body shape, when breast and hips are not big and the belly is flat and toned. Even after giving a birth to two children, Kate remained slim and her body still looks athletic. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was photographed by paparazzi nude in September, 2013 during her rest at Château d’Autet alongside her husband. Kate was upset by such an intrusion in her personal life. But no doubt, she can be proud of her figure!

Kate Middleton has great body due to her long-term love to sports. She likes playing tennis, does cycling and swimming. Many people think that she was lucky to get married Prince William, being just an ordinary girl from not famous and not noble family. But in fact, Kate is a daughter of rich parents and her childhood was worth a princess.

She was born in Reading, UK in a family of flying attendants and later entrepreneurs. Kate entered the University of St. Andrews after graduating from school and now she is the only prince spouse with the University degree. Kate Middleton serves as an inspiration for many young women as she always looks great. Her fashion style was described in numerous magazines and copied by her followers all over the world.

Kate Middleton is often compared with Princess Diana, because she is also very beautiful and charismatic. By the way, Kate tells that Lady Diana is the ideal woman for her, whose style is her inspiration.

Kate Middleton Height, Weight, Age

Kate Middleton

Kate is not just a socialite, she is also a mother of two sweet children, a son and a daughter. Like any other woman, she had to tone her body after pregnancy.

Kate understands that she is a sample for many other women all over the world. So, she must stay fit, even if it is very hard for her. The Duchess has no personal trainer, but she starts her day from 1 hour workout. She prefers to work out in the fresh air, not at home, especially if she does cardio. By the way, Kate Middleton does her cardio exercises with dumbbells or weights. Thus she combines cardio exercises with strength exercises and it saves her time. If Kate can’t workout outdoors, she visits private gym in Clarence House.

Kate Middleton tries to lead healthy and active lifestyle, which helps her to stay shaped.


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