Date of birth:  July 20, 1938 (Age 79)

Full name: Enid Diana Elisabeth Rigg

Born place: Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

Height: 5’8.5’’ (174 cm)

Weight: 54 kg (119 pounds)

Diana Rigg's height, weight and age

Diana Rigg’s body measurements:

Chest: 34” (86.4 cm)

Waist: 25” (63.5 cm)

Hips: 37” (94 cm)

Hair color: Light Brown

Eye color: Dark Brown

Diana Rigg's eyes and hair color

Diana Rigg is a legendary actress whose roles have greatly influenced the entertainment industry for over 6 decades. She got her initial exposure to acting as a career at the Theatre Royal, York Festival in the late 50’s where she portrayed the Natella character in the play The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

2 years later, she got into the screen acting through a role in a television animated film titled A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Her career hit its first peak in the late 60’s when she started as Emma Peel in the television series The Avengers. In the start of the 90’s, she won a Broadcasting Press Guild Award as well as a BAFTA award for her impeccable portrayal of the Helena character in the film Mother Love.

Her most recent appearance was at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, New York where she played in the production titled My Fair Lady.

Over the years, Rigg has aged brilliantly. In her youth, she had a stunning and flawless body physique which she worked hard at maintaining. Throughout her youth, she kept her nice brown hair at an average length.

As she began to age, Mother Nature wrinkled the smooth and glowing skin of hers that made men drool while her hair eventually all turned grey. She could no longer maintain the figure of her youth. However, though her figure was an asset of hers in youth, Rigg has proven to the world that your age does not limit your success.

Diana Rigg's height, weight and age

All the years of living an active lifestyle trained her body to be able to withstand pressure as its endurance was stretched. This played a significant role in her old age as she continues to thrive even over 70. Unlike most of her age mates who find it difficult to move, the care she had given to her body when she was young paid off as we can observe that she is even still able to act at the age of 79.

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