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RihannaRihanna is known as a famous music star, actress and fashion designer and is regarded as an example of style and a beauty icon. She has earned numerous rewards during her music career such as Grammy, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and many others. She released many singles and several albums and still remains on the charts as one of the most popular in the world. Except for being a star she still remains a woman, who desires to stay beautiful as long as possible. How can she reach it? The answer of many famous people to this  Rihannaquestion is  plastic surgery,and Rihanna is not an exception.

Rihanna as well as many other pop stars has undergone changes. Plastic surgery of Rihanna added beauty to the world of music. It is obvious that these operations took place, and it is clear to everyone. People say that the surgery is a result of acting career. If to speak about what was changed in her appearance, one can certainly say that it was her nose and her stunning look. Now she has a pointed nose and a narrow face, what is especially noticeable in her recent photos. Her rhinoplasty was a great success and affected the shape of her nose positively. Also, it has added her confidence not only in her look, but also in the character.
Another thing she has changed is a new perfect look. She never said a word about this situation, but speculations among fans made her tell the truth. People, who follow her career can easily observe her changes before and after and notice her fit muscles and slim slender figure.

Rihanna photo Before & After

Rihanna plastic surgery

Many musicians are subjected to change their body under knives to get a more pretty facial look. Usually, it is a nose job being a common practice among both men and women. But there is one more widely used operation. Many females are not satisfied with natural breasts trying to change the size, shape using breast implants. And no matter how much it costs, the effect is far more valuable than experienced pain. Every star including Rihanna wishes to look attractive at any time and any age, and breasts are also a great key to success. She has never raised this question, but many professional surgeons consider that this operation happened and the result of it proves that it was carried out at the highest professional level.
Rihanna plastic surgery


Apart from the nose and breast, she also tries to improve the way she walks adding her profession some modesty. Appearance for a star is more than a half of the success, so everyone understands why many of them torture themselves with difficult operations. Plastic surgery is a chance to continue the life on the stage, and though Rihanna is too young to leave music industry, she wants to be perfect for her fans and it resulted in these surgeries. The greatest advantage of them is the best quality, as Rihanna still looks natural and her surgery is hardly recognizable in comparison with many other celebrities.


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