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Cat Meredith Grey

Cat Olivia Benson


Cat Olivia Benson

In June 2014, Taylor Swift announced that a few days earlier, she’d taken a little white kitty. She was named Olivia Benson in honor to the beloved character from Law and Order: SVU.

The main thing here is that the singer likes booming the whole Internet if only she has such opportunity.

All the singer’s fans will agree that this choice of name is the cutest one, and this cute little cat is the best thing ever happened to the young woman.

The name Olivia Benson gives this cat a kind of strong reputation.

Nevertheless, a pretty cat Olivia is not the only celeb’s pet.

This pretty kitten Meredith was adopted in 2011. This pet is a really culture-themed cat.

Do you ask why was this cat named so?

When the kitty was brought to home, it was decided to call her after the leading woman of the “Grey’s Anatomy”.

As we all know, there are different people and the attitude to the animals is always different. Unfortunately, there are people, who can be cruel with the little creatures, bur this celeb owner is not the one of them.

Cat Olivia Benson

Cat Olivia Benson

We shouldn’t worry about the cats’ destiny, because Taylor takes care of them more than of herself. Even not every person can boast with such adventures as these cats have. Can you imagine, they even travel together?!

Taylor Swift loves her cats so much that she doesn’t like leaving them at home. Whenever the actress goes to the tour, she takes her “friends” with her. The cats are used to flying by plane. Olivia and Meredith lead a luxury life.

With her lovely cats, Taylor Swift really deserves a title of Cat Lady. These girls look gorgeous together.


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