Date of birth: December 3, 1983 ( Age: 32 )

Height: 6ft 2 in (188 cm)

Weight: 225 pounds (102 kg)

Aaron Rodgers Height

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers body measurements

Shoe/Feet: 12 (US)/46(EU)

Hair colour: Light Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rogers had his special diet, which he followed for many years. His diet was divided into 2 parts: 80% of healthy food and 20% of junk food from time to time. Despite the fact that Rogers cut off the consumption of such food as pizza, he still allowed himself cookies and sandwiches twice a week. In addition, Aaron drank a lot of coffee. As Rodgers said, before the game his meal consisted of sausages, stakes, and farina food. But there were some circumstances that made him change the plan.

Aaron Rodgers Weight

Aaron Rodgers

Being a good player, Aaron Rogers wants to play in NFL for 8 more years. For this reason, Aaron was advised to keep other diet plan, because 80/20 wasn’t appropriate for his body and shape anymore. Packers’ director of nutrition, Adam Korzun, will support him while following a new diet plan. There are two explanation of this motivation splash. The first one is a kind of challenge for Rogers. He wants to try something different. The second reason is rather unexpected – his team fellow, Tom Brady. Aaron was impressed by his strict diet habits and decided to follow the example. Brady looks great and healthy in his thirties. He is a direct example of the consequence of keeping healthy diet.

Together with Adam Korzun they created a diet which helped to lower the level of body fat. Aaron said that due to his new nutrition he feels much better, and considers it to be the best shape of his life. To complement the effect, Aaron took up hot yoga, increased a consumption of vitamins, and limited amount of caffeine.

Aaron Rodgers Age

Aaron Rodgers

One more point of Aaron’s plan is to control his sleep. Usually, he sleeps bad and very few. When the star player realized the importance of good sleep, he decided to use ZMA – a complex of vitamins and microelements which helps him to fall in dipper sleep. Aaron takes his health very serious and he’s going to follow this idea for long.

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