Parents: Alois Schicklgrube (father), Klara Hitler / née Pölzl (mother)

Adolf Hitler Family

Adolf Hitler Parents

Siblings: Gustave (elder brother), Otton (elder brother), Ida (elder sister), Edmund (younger brother), Paula (younger sister), Angela Hitler (half-sister), Alois Hitler Jr. (half-brother)

Adolf Hitler Family

Adolf Hitler Siblings

Spouce: Eva Anna Paula Hitler / née Braun (29-30 April, 1945)

Adolf’s father changed his surname to Hitler in 1876.

It’s not a secret today that Adolf Hitler had a Jewish origin. The man, who struggled for the pure race, wasn’t pure himself.

There is also a discussion on the topic who is Hitler’s grandfather. For this position there are two variants: a spouse of his grandmother and the brother of that man.

Adolf’s father was a customs officer, and he wanted his son to follow these steps. On the contrary, Adolf had his own point of view – he wanted to become an artist. The boy managed to persuade his mother only after father’s death.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t accepted to the Academy of Arts.

Alois Hitler was married three times. Adolf’s mother was his third wife. All the elder siblings died being very little kids. In 1900, at the age of 11, Adolf’s younger brother Edmund died of morbilli. This death influences young Adolf a lot.

After the death of both his parents, Adolf Hitler didn’t keep in touch with his siblings, with any of them. He was totally involved into his effort of becoming an artist.

Adolf Hitler Spouce

Adolf Hitler Spouce

Angela was the only relative who Adolf mentioned in his famous work and who he communicated with further in his life. She became a housewife for her brother.

Everyone knows that this man didn’t have any children. Moreover, there are a lot of rumors about his relationships with women and girls, but there aren’t any proved data except Eva Brown.

Though, they had known each other for long, Eva became noticed close to Hitler only in the mid 30-s.

The most cruel man in the world’s history left quite mysterious story behind himself.

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