Brian Seibert Height, Weight, Age

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 179 cm or 5 ft 8 approximately

Weight: 75 kg or 165 approximately

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Brown

We like to watch dancing but sometimes it is interesting to read about it too. Brian Seibert is the author of the book “What the Eye Hears”, which he devoted to a history of tap dancing.

Brian Seibert has a right to write about dancing, because he is the former dancer himself. He liked dancing most of all and was interested not just in popular ballroom dancing, but also in modern dancing, ballet, tap dancing etc.

After graduating from school Brian entered The University of New York, where he got a degree in journalism. He started to right reviews about various dancing contest and performances online and soon his talent was noticed. Seibert managed to find the job in prestigious issue “New York Times”.

Now Brian Seibert lives in New York together with his wife and daughter. He serves as a dance critic in New York and he is known by his admiration of all kinds of dances.

Brian finds the time not just for his work, but for his family life too. He is married and he brings up a sweet beautiful daughter, who is fond of dancing of course!

Brian Seibert is also the owner of the website, where he invites all the lovers of different kinds of dancing to share their ideas and to discuss their problems. Brian Seibert is also ready to hear the reviews on his first book “What the Eye Hears”.

Brian Seibert Height, Weight, Age

Brian Seibert

He studied the art of tapping for many years and interviewed numerous dancers on the subject. He tried to compare black and white tapping dancers and to understand, when the first tappers appeared.

Although his book got contradictory reviews and some of his readers consider it as boring, Brian Seibert still has a great potential as a writer and he was encouraged by his readers to write more.

Brian Seibert is not just good in dancing and writing. He is also a good looking handsome man. He has a pleasant oval face and strong trained body. He wears elegant sunglasses and looks like a typical writer.

To remain active, Brian visits gym two times per week. He likes old fashioned gym exercises, which help him remain healthy physically and mentally.

Brian Seibert thinks that right eating is the main secret of great shape and health. But often he has no time for homemade dinner, so he eats junk food in the nearest café almost daily. Nevertheless the writer remains slim due to his genes, probably.

He is in love with his job, because Brian is fond of both, writing and dancing and he managed to join these two activities.

Brian Seibert Height, Weight, Age

Brian Seibert

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