Date of birth: May 27, 1960

Date of death: January 17, 1988 (Age: 27)

Height: unknown

Weight: unkown

 Alexander Bashlachev Height

Alexander Bashlachev

Alexander Bashlachev body measurements:

Waist: unknown

Chest: unknown

Biceps: unknown

Shoe/feet: unknown

Hair colour: Brown

Eye Color: Grey

We may like or not the Alexander Bashlachev’s creativity, but we can’t deny that he left behind a huge heritage. You can try to put him into the framework of a fashionable modern word “cult”, but he will not have enough space there.

 Alexander Bashlachev Weight

Alexander Bashlachev Height, Weight, Age

His songs and manner of their performance associated with “real Russ”.

Although it was the time when a style based on Russian folklore, he was seen in the underground environment as something negative or state-owned.

SashBash was an exception. Every city of the country was waiting for him and loved him. He was listened to. But, unfortunately, not always heard…

Short, thin, regardless of the season wearing the same leather jacket … Inserted gold tooth, peeking out of the mouth as soon as he began singing…

Such image remembered Soviet informals about Bashlachev. Usually, Sasha caused one and the same reaction from the people who heard him for the first time. It was a surprise: how could such a fragile body give rise to enormous energy?

 Alexander Bashlachev Weight

Alexander Bashlachev Height, Weight, Age

Now, wearing a cross on a neck became a commonplace, but while it was a wayward, provocative sign in underground environment.

Instead of it Sasha wore around his neck three bells. Their distinctive chime was heard on most of his recordings.

Bluebell, in general, is an important symbol in Bashlachev’s work. He sang in “Time of Bells” – large bells are broken, but everyone can make his little bell ring, in order to break the craven silence of our time …

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