Date of Birth: 3 September, 1966 (Age: 49)

Height: 173 cm (5 Ft 8)

Weight: 52 kg (114 pounds)

Amy Lindsay Height, Weight, Age

Amy Lindsay

Amy Lindsay measurements:

Breast size: 86 cm (34 inches)

Waist size: 68 cm (27 inches)

Hips: 86 cm (34 inches)

Feet size: 8, 5 US (38, 5 Eur)

Hair Color:
BlondeEye color: Blue

Amy Lindsay is a beautiful actress, whose body measurements are close to ideal. Amy Lindsay height is 173 cm. Her weight is 52 kg. Now, when her age is not so young, her waist is 68 cm, but when she has just been starting her career, her waist size was 60 cm.

Amy Lindsay

She made a wonderful career. The future star was born in 1966 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She is well educated. Amy graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with bachelor degree in journalism. She started her career as a marketer and then found her way to television. She worked as a pr manager, and then started to serve as an actress, voice actress and producer.

Amy Lindsay Height, Weight, Age

Amy Lindsay

She became popular after her move to Los Angeles and participating in Oscar winning John Avildsen film “8 seconds”, where she acted opposite Beverly Hills star Luke Perry. Then she added more movie credits to her resume, taking part in the series “Silk Stalkings”, “Erotic Confessions” and “Beverly Hills Bordello”. She took part in big screen movies “Paradox Alice”, “Camp Takota” and many others. Amy Lindsay not always acted under her own name and for her roles she chose monikers “Leah Riley”, “Julie Snow” and some others. Blue-eyed actress with long blond hair took part in many movies, related to “adult” category. Amy Lindsay legs were perfect; she had big bra size and tempting hips, so her beauty gave her an opportunity to earn a lot as a porn actress. But she lost her job not long ago because of her status of an adult film star.

The actress, who is the great supporter of republicans, took part in casting for Ted Cruz presidential campaign. She phoned to his managers, came for audition and then passed it. She made six ads for Ted Cruz campaign, when suddenly she got sad news that her contract was cancelled and her ads – the rest of them – wouldn’t be released. Ted Cruz, who is a passionate supporter of traditional values, who is against of gay marriages and abortions even in case of rape, was shocked, when he knew that his ads were made by a porn star. “She didn’t give her full filmography in her resumes”, his secretary told.

Amy LindsayAmy Lindsay Height, Weight, Age

Amy Lindsay, whose body remains hot, told that she was very disappointed to hear that. But still she is going to vote for Republican candidate.

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