Date of birth: June 7, 1972 (Age: 44 years)

Height: 6′ 1″ (185 cm)

Weight: 205 pounds (93 kg)

Karl Urban`s height, weight and age

Karl Urban body measurements:

Chest: 43″ (110 cm)

Biceps: 16″ (41 cm)

Waist: 34″ (86 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel-Green

Karl Urban`s eyes and hair color

Every role demands a great preparation from an actor. And it doesn’t even matter it is a major role or a minor one.

Before shooting in Judge Dredd Karl Urban had a 12-week training program.

He needed to feel strong like his hero. Plus, it was physically very heavy shooting, so Karl had to get ready. The specialists created a complex of exercises that helped to increase the muscles of the arms, chest, back and abdomen, simultaneously getting rid of excess fat.

Between the training sessions the actor took breaks of 48 hours. Besides, sleep became an essential part of the preparation, because muscles grow up only while relaxing.

Before the filming, the actor went through a military camp. Of course, before every film Karl has long preparatory period, but every time he likes doing it like at first.

When dealing with arms and security, it is best to start from scratch. Physically, Karl Urban worked for about 13 weeks to gain the desired shape. In addition, it was necessary that he could drive the bike, that also took time and effort.

Preparation was quite severe and lasted for many weeks. At that time it was better not to approach to the actor, but it was absolutely necessary.

If you look at Judge Dredd, it becomes obvious that he was physically very developed and very strong. It was important for Karl to feel it himself, so he felt the absolute need for a serious physical preparation, no matter how much energy and effort is required of him.

To play it properly, the star needed to feel not only who Dredd was from inside, but also how he felt externally. For that reason, Karl had been training twice a day in the gym, underwent military training with the study of different types of tactical nuclear weapons – in short, all that was required.

Karl Urban`s height, weight and age

And when he was ready to start shooting and put on the suit for the first time, it appeared not as heavy as it seemed at first glance. The actor said that he immediately felt united with him. He put on the suit two weeks before the start of filming and even performed some training in it to completely merge with it, get used to it. It was heavy, dense skin, it had to be spread.

All in all, such training were fruitful and Karl managed to reincarnate into that famous hero.

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