Karolina Kurkova - Height, Weight, Age

Karolina Kurkova

Date of Birth: 28 February, 1984 (Age: 32)

Height: 180 cm (5 ft 11)

Weight: 59 kg (130 pounds)

Karolina Kurkova measurements:

Breast size: 84 cm (33 in)

Waist size: 63 cm (25 in)

Hips: 84 cm (33 in)

Dress Size: 4 US or 34 EU

Feet size: 9, 5 US (40 EU)

Eye color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

When we look at supermodels, we think that they are ideal and have no physical drawbacks at all. But if you think that a famous model, Victoria’s Secret spokesmodel and the most sexual woman on the planet Karolina Kurkova was always perfect and everyone around her admired her beauty, you are wrong.

Karolina was born in Decin, Czechia and her father was a famous basketball player in her native country. But her parents got divorced, when the girl was just 3 and she grew up with a single mother.

Kurkova was extremely tall and incredibly thin and that’s why she thought, she was ugly. Besides when Karolina Kurkova was a teenager, she had belly button operation. The star has no belly button now and if you look and her photos in a lingerie attentively, you will notice that physical drawback.

The girl had never believed in her beauty and she wasn’t going to become a model, because she thought that she was not beautiful. But one of her friends sent her photos to the biggest model agency in Prague and she was accepted!

Soon Karolina Kurkova modeled for Prada, Christian Dior, Valentino and many other loud names in fashion industry. Of course, when she was offered to become VS spokesmodel, it was the peak of her career.

Now Karolina Kurkova is in her mature age. She is a wife of a producer Archie Drury. They have a son together.

The star Kurkova remains slim and beautiful all the time. She has a number of secrets, which help her to stay fit, to have long sick hair and full lips, which are considered as her visiting card.

To remain slim and toned, she has a personal trainer, David Kirsch. But if you think that Karolina Kurkova workouts from morning till night, you are wrong. She thinks that too much training is not good for her body. Several times per week is enough for her. She is also the fan of body ballet workouts. She thinks, that this system helps her to remain strong and flexible and slim at the same time.

The star is extremely careful with her eating plan. She doesn’t like starving, but she eats healthy products only. Karolina Kurkova cooks her favorite fruit and vegetable salads herself.

She cares about her skin too. The star thinks that jojoba oil is the most useful thing for her skin.

If you like to have supermodel body, follow Karolina Kurkova tips!

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